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WATCH! Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dreams of a Communist America, Supports Bloodthirsty Terrorists *VIDEO* #America #Socialism #Treason

Democrat Socialist darling Ocasio-Cortez sent shock waves through the Democrat Party when she defeated the fourth most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives, Rep. Joe Crowley, in the New York primary in June.

The Democrat Socialists of America support no borders, no profit, no prisons and no cash bail.

This weekend Ocasio Cortez held an interview with Firing Line with Margaret Hoover on PBS.

In typical Socialists fashion Ocasio-Cortez unloaded on Israel:


“I also think that what people are starting to see at least with the occupation of Palestine is the increasing crisis of humanitarian condition. And that to me is where I tend to come from on this issue.”

Hoover asked very basic, softball questions of the young congressional candidate.

In explaining her positions on the economy, Hoover asked Ocasio-Cortez “Do you think that capitalism has failed to deliver for working class Americans?” Hoover cited a currently booming US economy and low unemployment.

“Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs,” Ocasio-Cortez explained, lamenting that people are employed but having to work long hours, “Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world,” she continued.

Later in the interview, Ocasio-Cortez was asked if she thinks capitalism would survive as an economic system. Ocasio-Cortez shrugged and said that was a “good question” and believes our economy will “evolve.”

The 27-year old also called Israel occupiers of Palestinian land. When pushed on the comment, she mumbled and demurred ultimately admitting that she does not know anything on the issue.


She was also recently flamed on social media when she was caught lying about her upbringing.

She has regularly claimed to be someone who had a hard life growing up in the Bronx.

That has been determined to be a blatant lie by the Daily Mail.

Though Ocasio-Cortez, 28, was born in and currently lives in the Bronx, county land records show her late father Sergio Cortez-Roman bought a quaint three-bedroom in Yorktown Heights, New York in 1991, when she was about two.

It reveals a blatant lie in the Marxist candidate’s official biography, which states in part:

‘The state of Bronx public schools in the late 80s and early 90s sent her parents on a search for a solution. She ended up attending public school 40 minutes north in Yorktown, and much of her life was defined by the 40 minute commute between school and her family in the Bronx.’

Ocasio-Cortez also boasted on Stephen Colbert’s late-night show that President Donald Trump, born in Queens, wouldn’t know how to handle ‘a girl from the Bronx’ such as herself.

First, she would have to know what a girl from the Bronx is like, which she clearly does not.

The deceptive candidate ignored requests for a response to being caught lying.

The Communist political newcomer Ocasio-Cortez had a complete meltdown when a conservative TV host on suggested the Democratic congressional candidate for New York lied about where she came from.

John Cardillo, host of Newsmax TV’s “America Talks Live,” tweeted an image of Ocasio-Cortez’s childhood home in Yorktown Heights with the claim that she lived in that home before attending Brown University.

“A far cry from the Bronx hood upbringing she’s selling,” Cardillo wrote.

She then attempted to deflect from her lie, and was laid waste to by social media users on Twitter.

To see the swarm of flamings she received on Twitter, CLICK HERE.


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July 16th, 2018


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