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Snowflake Suing College Because She Got Herself Hit By Car During Anti-Trump Protest *VIDEO* #Trump #MAGA

Protester snowflakes in opposition to President Donald Trump have done some pretty wild things over the last couple of years, and blocking streets and freeways is just one of them.


Now, a University of California San Diego student snowflake who was hit by a car when a group of angry students flooded Interstate 5 near the campus is blaming the university for her injuries.

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The College Fix reported that a sophomore from Compton is filing a lawsuit against school administrators and functionaries for her injuries on Interstate 5, where she was hit by a car.

The student, Maria Ana Carrola Flores, joined a campus-wide protest with students who walked “for hours” through campus chanting anti-Trump messages.

A large number of the students eventually stormed a freeway ramp near campus and flooded into the lanes of traffic in a bizarre attempt to test Darwinism.

The College Fix reported that police attempted to stop traffic for the protesters, but not all cars had yet stopped. One car clipped Flores, fracturing her leg and injuring her pelvis. The Los Angeles Times noted that the driver stopped to help and was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

According to the UCSD student newspaper, The Guardian, the lawsuit stated the then-19-year-old snowflake believed the university should have stopped the protest:

The protest continued all over campus for hours and was never stopped, controlled, or refrained by the County of San Diego, City of San Diego, State of California, University of California Regents or the University of California, San Diego.

The snowflake student’s attorney also alleges that the protest was endorsed by the university, and as such, was liable for what happened. The Guardian reported:

The complaint additionally claims that UCSD is liable for Flores’ injuries because it allowed the protesters to enter the freeway and failed to warn Flores that there was no one providing security for the demonstrators along the freeway even though campus police officers were present during the protests on campus and shut down the surrounding streets.

In a turn of logic that may ring true to protest-watchers, Flores’s attorney told The Guardian if the school doesn’t attempt to stop the protest, it’s in effect endorsing it:

Elaborating on the notion that the university “organized” the protest, Sullivan told the Guardian that the university “planned, organized” and knew the protest was happening for hours but did nothing to stop it. According to Sullivan, not doing anything and failing to act is legally the same thing as supporting the protest.

The lawsuit admits Flores put herself in danger, but under California law, several parties can be held partially liable — such as the state of California.

Flores’s attorney says she will suffer from her injuries for the rest of her life, and her medical bills will likely run into the millions of dollars.


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January 8th, 2017

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