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Smear Campaign Against Judge Moore Proves Rampant Democrat & RINO Hypocrisy #JudgeMoore #Democrat #RINO #o4anews

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
November 17th, 2017

As the lies and smears on Judge Roy Moore intensify, the liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Let’s take a brief trip down Memory Lane.

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Bill Clinton viciously raped and bloodied Juanita Broaddrick, a volunteer on his campaign, in his hotel room as she tried desperately to fight him off.

He sent Arkansas state troopers to fetch state employee Paula Jones to his hotel room, where he dropped his pants, pulled out his penis, and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him.

Under crushing debt, a desperate and destitute Kathleen Willey went to the Clinton White House to beg President Bill Clinton for a job. Willey has testified under oath that Clinton pulled her to him tightly, kissed her on her mouth, groped her breasts, rubbed his erect penis on her, and forced her hand to his crotch.

This is the same Bill Clinton who had a years-long adulterous affair with porn model and nightclub singer Jennifer Flowers.

And of course Clinton had repeated rounds of adulterous sex in the Oval Office with young intern Monica Lewinski: a girl who was half his age and under his immediate supervision and employ.

What did Democrats say when all this immorality, this perversion, this chronic sexual predatory behavior was brought to light?

“It just goes to show you what you get when you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park.” That’s what his chief political strategist, James Carville said — as though that could explain away DNA on a certain blue dress.

The always ill-informed Joy Behar (Queen of the Airheads on TV’s reality comedy show, “The View”) called Clinton’s victims “tramps” on live television.

These pale in comparison to the opinion piece that “feminist” Gloria Steinem published in the New York Times. Steinem strongly urged all feminists to discount the allegations against Clinton and support him anyway, arguing that Clinton’s pattern of sexual assault wasn’t really all that bad: “Mr. Clinton seems to have made a clumsy sexual pass, then accepted rejection.” That was her feminist take on Clinton’s sexual assault of Ms. Willey. Unbelievable.

Steinem argued that Bill Clinton’s support for liberals and his willingness to stand by feminists’ political causes even as he raped them made voting for him the right thing to do. Otherwise, she said, “we will disqualify energy and talent the country needs.”

Even after Bill Clinton was disbarred as an attorney for having lied about his sexual predation under oath, most Democrats stood by him, uttering three short words: “It’s only sex.”

Today the Left sings a different song, and RINO losers like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain are singing it with them.

Today they say that a West Point graduate, a Viet Nam veteran, a distinguished jurist, and a faithful husband of 33 years must abandon his candidacy for the United States Senate because the unfailingly liberal Washington Post claims that 40 years ago Moore liked to date younger women.

So it’s okay for Bill Clinton to be a serial rapist because he votes the right way, and because otherwise “we will disqualify energy and talent the country needs.”

But somehow Roy Moore must withdraw his candidacy because of very suspiciously timed, unsupported allegations that his taste ran toward younger women 40 years ago before he was married?

We all know what is going on here.

Mitch McConnell and John McCain and the rest of the establishment are still butt-hurt from the licking they got from Alabama’s great conservative voters in the primary, and they have been looking desperately for weeks for an excuse to bail on Judge Moore. And the Washington Post gave it to them.

This is the same John McCain who was shunned by Ronald Reagan because he cheated on his first wife with a millionairess rodeo queen mistress who was nearly twenty years his junior. McCain actually got a marriage license to marry his barely legal rodeo queen millionairess before he was legally divorced from the 40 year-old mother of his children.

This same notoriously carousing, woman-chasing John McCain then cheated on his second wife with an even younger mistress, this time with a lobbyist who was thirty years younger who had business in front of his committee.

And this whining, “Keating Five” RINO has the balls to say Judge Roy Moore is unfit to serve in the United States Senate because he dated younger women?!!

Our establishment RINOs want to kill Judge Moore off because they want to be able to say “you can never nominate a conservatives because they can’t win the general election.” They want you to believe you have to nominate gutless, weenie Republicans like them in order to win.

President Trump proved that is a lie, but they won’t stop saying it. And they will continue to say it if we let them put a stake in Judge Roy Moore’s heart.

I don’t for one minute believe the salacious claims being made about Judge Moore. But even if they WERE completely, 100% true, why not give the liberals a dose of their own medicine? Why not take Gloria Steinem’s advice and say “we simply cannot afford to lose this particular conservative nominee.” There is simply too much at stake in the battle for our country and in the internal battle between conservatives and RINOs for the Republican party’s future.

All is fair in love and war, and why not fight fire with fire?

We are at war in America with the Marxist Democrats and RINOs, and unless we take decisive actions like electing conservatives that the establishment cannot control, America is finished.

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