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SJW’s Demand Raises & Promotions Be Given To Anyone But White Men #racism #SJW

Cultural Marxists are everywhere. The fact they’ve infested Google is no surprise, given the company’s issues with conservatives.

Now they’re taking things to a ridiculous new low, demanding less-qualified employees be given raises and promotions over more qualified white men.

Why, you ask? Because they’re white, and *GASP* men! What other reason does the budding young Cultural Marxist Social Justice Warrior need?

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At a shareholder meeting for Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, SJW (Social Justice Warrior) employees of the company harshly criticized management on issues of diversity and inclusion.

On behalf of Zevin Asset Management, a self-described “socially responsible” investment firm, Google SJW employees presented a proposal that requested Alphabet Inc. consider the following:

“integrating sustainability performance metrics — including metrics regarding diversity and inclusion — among other factors evaluated in awarding executive pay … to help drive sustainability performance and improve senior executive accountability on race and gender-based inclusion during a time of particular challenge in our Company’s development.”

Alphabet has taken steps to address diversity and inclusion. Google’s diversity website says:

“Google should be a place where people from different backgrounds and experiences come to do their best work–a place where every Googler feels they belong.” Our Company has sought to begin addressing the inclusion crisis, notably by improving disclosure and taking other steps regarding recruiting and providing resources for underrepresented workers.

However, these steps have not been enough to make meaningful progress against the challenges admitted by Alphabet:

Our Company remains predominantly white and male, especially in technical and leadership roles.

Over the past four years, the Google division has only improved representation of women in its workforce by one percentage point (from 30% to 31%). In the same period, positions for all underrepresented people of color in the Google workforce have only increased from 9% to 10%.7

Among Google’s top 31 executives in 2016, there was only one underrepresented person of color and only four women.8

Clearly, Alphabet’s management approach to inclusion in its key Google subsidiary lacks serious momentum and directionality.

As with any other major strategic challenge, investors should not be satisfied with one-percent progress in four years.


The above results also reflect deep challenges of racial and gender injustice which put investor value at risk. A successful approach to inclusion is essential, particularly in the technology sector, where companies like Alphabet rely on the ability to attract, promote, and retain the most talented individuals, wherever they are and whatever they look like. Our Company stands to realize significant opportunities if it can improve its approach to diversity and inclusion:

McKinsey & Company research shows that companies in the top quartiles for gender and racial/ethnic diversity were more likely to have above average financial returns (“Diversity Matters,” McKinsey, 2015).

In a 2013 Catalyst report, diversity was positively associated with more customers, increased sales revenue, and greater relative profits.

In the 2016 Intel/Dalberg cited above, it was estimated that the technology sector could generate $300–$370 billion in additional annual revenue if tech companies reflected the racial diversity of the talent pool.

Yet, as mentioned above, our Company has failed to move the needle on inclusion. Even more concerning in the near term, Alphabet and Google managers appear to be mismanaging a real-time crisis — with serious implications for workplace health and productivity.

Alphabet faces internal pressure from employees stepping forward with stories of targeted harassment campaigns to mass doxxing of supporters of diversity and inclusion within Google.

In January 2018, employees within Alphabet told Wired that (after the firing of James Damore due to the diversity opponent’s incendiary memo), Alphabet has failed to promote a safe environment for employees of diverse backgrounds and advocates of inclusion.

The exchange goes on and on, walling in the madness of SJW hatred for white men, demanding that lesser qualified employees be given superior status in the workplace, regardless of actual qualifications.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
June 13th, 2018


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