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Sheriff Accused of Giving Nearly $1M Worth of Military-Grade Equipment To Friends *VIDEO* #crime #police

Sheriff Accused of Giving Nearly $1M Worth of Military-Grade Equipment To Friends

It was bound to happen sooner or later. When humans are involved, you can always take it to the bank that one of them will be dishonest.

This Sheriff appears to be the weakest link in this case.

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Or perhaps there’s a Bermuda Triangle in Thetford Township that sucks up military grade equipment?

Something is going on, because nearly $1 million worth of equipment, purchased to help a local police department serve and protect its community, has mysteriously disappeared.

It has township trustees wondering where the new equipment is.

The equipment was meant to help the Thetford Township Police Department, but it has never been seen, according to Township Trustee Stanley Piechnik.

Piechnik said the police department received the equipment in a military surplus program.

“Basically the police department, through this program, could acquire equipment through the military for use in the police department,” Piechnik said.

They don’t even know all the items they are looking for, but Piechnik believes there are a lot, reports WNEM.

“We’ve acquired earth movers, back hoes, tractors. The list is amazing and we still don’t know where it’s all at. And that’s one of my concerns. It should be ours,” Piechnik said.

The Genesee County Sheriff’s Department is trying to track down the mystery equipment.

Piechnik said Thetford Police Chief Robert Kenny won’t give specifics on where the equipment is.

“He’s put out paper saying they’re off site, but he won’t say where off site is,” Piechnik said.

TV5 tried to reach Kenny, but he had already left the station for the weekend.

As for Piechnik, he said he has a hunch about where the equipment really is.

“Several of his friends have it,” he said.

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December 3rd, 2017

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