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U.S. Flag Just ‘A Piece of Cloth,’ Like Pants, ‘Nobody Fights for a Piece of Cloth’: Fox Sports Ingrate Shannon Sharpe *VIDEO* #NFL #NFLBoycott

U.S. Flag Just ‘A Piece of Cloth,’ Like Pants, ‘Nobody Fights for a Piece of Cloth’: Fox Sports Ingrate Shannon Sharpe

Here we go again… Another racist NFL ingrate that has no clue what the flag or national anthem stands for that has no appreciation for the fact that they rose to the top of society, in a nation they despise.

When are they going to figure out that the majority of people are onto their race-baiting game, that most people are tired of black Americans crying wolf about faux racism by the police, that it’s a proven fact that black Americans are actually shot LESS per capita than white Americans?

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Truth be told, they know all of this, but it doesn’t fit into their Cultural Marxist agenda to destroy the fabric of America.

Shannon Sharpe said people need to stop complaining because the Star-Spangled Banner apparently is racist and the U.S. Flag, Old Glory, is just “a piece of cloth and nobody fights for a piece of cloth.”

Sharpe, 49, is a former NFL tight end who played for the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens in the 1990s. He retired in 2003 and is now a co-host of the Fox Sports program, Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, also co-hosted by Skip Bayless.

During the Sept. 29 show, Shannon Sharpe said, “The flag, see, to a lot of people, with symbols, patriotism but what does that symbol actually mean? What does, okay — you keep telling me that the flag means so much and it’s opportunity and freedom and liberty. Okay. Can you honestly say that everybody in America has freedom and liberties and opportunity?”

Skip Bayless then said, “no,” and Sharpe continued, “Well, if you can’t answer that then we’ll have a problem and we would like to have it addressed. And stop trying to sweep it under the rug.”

“But, see, as long as you paint that narrative, oh, it’s the anthem, I can’t, no — anybody that does something to the anthem — well, we know what the anthem was originally written for and who it was written by, okay?” said Sharpe

“The flag, okay?” he said. “We understand what the flag — what does it represent? When did this narrative come to be that the military and the police own the flag and only them? I can go buy a flag and I can hang it up in my backyard.

“We need to stop this, Skip,” said the three-time Super Bowl winner. “We need to — the flag is a piece of cloth and nobody fights for a piece of cloth.”

At that point, Bayless said, “Yeah, they do. Don’t say that. That’s the symbol of this country, what it represents.”

Shannon: “So they’ll fight for a pair of jeans? They’ll fight for a pair of jeans?”

Skip: “If that’s what we had chosen in 1776 to represent our nation, you better believe they would.”

Shannon: “Skip, the symbol, the symbol.”

Skip: “It’s the symbol of our country. What are you talking about?”

Of course, nobody would expect Sharpe to admit the truth, that the protests are nothing more than a demand for Criminal Affirmative Action so that minority criminals will have the bar lowered to be held less accountable to the law.

Video via CNS News:

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
December 9th, 2017

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