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Experts Warn Tourists – Unprotected Sex in France Could Be Hazardous To Your Health #France #STD

Experts are warning tourists to bring protection with the country in the midst of a massive STD epidemic.

It comes as the number of people with a sexually transmitted disease in France has tripled in the last four years.

The experts say that youngsters between the age of 15 and 24 have been particularly affected in recent years, with chlamydia and gonorrhoea becoming common in France, reports The Local.

French health authorities announced that 2016, the last full year they have numbers available, saw 267,097 people infected with chlamydia.

In 2012 the number of chlamydia infections was only 76,918.

Spokeswoman Florence Lot of Public Health France said she feared the real number is even greater as many people do not go for check-ups or have not yet had physical symptoms.

Because of this Public Health France has started a campaign titled “a condom can save your life” to make French youngsters aware of the importance of safe sex.

A recent survey showed that 48% of French students do not use a condom when having sex.

Lot explained that youngsters “have multiple changing sexual partners and do not always use a condom”.

She said: “This is why there are so many infections with youngsters under the age of 25.”

Their concern is that the real STI figures are much higher still, taking into account the number of people who don’t get checked up, in large part because they’re not displaying any physical symptoms.

The amount of people with an STD is largest in the capital Paris and in the Provence region in the South of France, both popular destinations with British holidaymakers.

Tourist authorities from several countries have warned holidaymakers heading to France to be vigilant before starting a holiday romance.


The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and public health service GGD even went as far to warn tourists heading to France to bring condoms from home in a special campaign.

A GGD spokesman said: “In lots of countries condoms are difficult to obtain and not always reliable.

“Therefore, preferably take them from home. Do not keep them in sunlight.”

The spokesman added: “Holiday romances might seem romantic but are not without danger.

“The circumstances are different, but the risks remain the same.”

Meanwhile, French President Macron conceded that the nation had been conquered by invading barbarians.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron admitted that France has lost the battle against invading barbarians within the growing number of no-go zones in the country.

In a speech for 600 business and political guests in May, Macron called on the local mayors themselves – together with the population – to find suitable solutions, for the problems in France’s 1,500 no-go areas or ‘sensitive areas’ as France calls them.

Many mayors were struck by Macron’s speech. They had expected concrete political guidelines. Macron’s proposals are a long way from the ambitious strategy for the sensitive zones that former minister Jean-Louis Borloo had previously developed and published on behalf of Macron.

Instead, Macron passed the buck: not he, but his predecessors have caused today’s problems. All solutions designed from above have failed, so they must come from below. He called for a “general mobilisation” of the population, organising itself to save the nation.

In terms of security, Macron called for a “society of vigilance”. If you look away, if there are problems in your environment, you become an accomplice. Although this happens sometimes out of fear (in the focal areas), but it is up to the people themselves to set boundaries.

He announced that by 2020, there will be 1,300 additional police officers in 60 sensitive neighbourhoods. Everyone can report problems on a central website. An estimated six million people – about one tenth of the French population live in the 1,500 neighborhoods that the government classifies as sensitive areas, reports Voice of Europe.

Already in 2011, a ground breaking 2,200-page report titled “Suburbs of the Republic”, concluded that many French suburbs are becoming “separate Islamic societies” cut off from the French state and where Islamic law is rapidly displacing French civil law.

The authors showed that France – where there are now 6.5 million Muslims (the largest Muslim population in the EU) – faces a major social explosion as a result of the lack of integration of Muslims into French society.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
July 24th, 2018


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