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Serial Killer Stuffed Remains of Homosexual Victims In Flower Pots & More #crime #murder #Canada

Canadian police state that they have now recovered the remains of at least six people that had been murdered, dismembered and placed in flower pots on property utilized by suspected serial killer Bruce McArthur.

Police had stated last week that they had recovered the remains of three people in approximately a dozen planters. The total of victims discovered has now doubled, and the number of planters seized is up to 15. Investigators have been checking for buried remains at the more than 30 properties where McArthur did landscaping work.

Detective Hank Idsinga said in an update on Thursday that more charges are expected to be filed against McArthur, 66, in light of the gruesome discoveries.

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“[The investigation] is getting bigger, and we have more resources the further we go along, so it’s going to be a very extensive investigation,” he outlined.

Idsinga said that so far, officials have been able to positively identify the remains of Andrew Kinsman, 49, who went missing from the “Gay Village” section of Toronto in June. The work continues as authorities, after using ground-penetrating radar, are working to excavate the back yard of home where McArthur was permitted to store his landscaping supplies.

“What we’re beginning today is the excavation of the back yard here at 53 Mallory [Crescent],” Idsinga outlined, explaining that the tented area is being warmed with heaters. “We’ve identified some spots … that we’re interested in, and we’ve been heating that ground for over a week.”

The unmarried couple that lives at the property told CBC News that they plan to host a “clearing” or “cleansing” ceremony at the location—a practice observed by a number of pagan religions to rid an area of “negative energy.”

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Amateur sleuths have taken to analyzing the common links between these men:

49-year-old Andrew Kinsman disappeared after a Pride event in June 2017.
43-year-old Selim Esen disappeared Easter weekend 2017.
40-year-old Skandaraj Navaratnam last seen, Labour Day, 2010.
47-year-old Abdulbasir Faizi disappeared a few days after Christmas 2010.
58-year-old Majeed Kayhan vanished in October of 2012.

They were all middle aged, with facial hair, and most disappeared around a holiday or a long weekend. But the biggest connection is that all men were known to visit Canada’s largest gay neighbourhood, known as the Village, in Toronto. A safe haven in less gay-friendly times, many residents in the neighbourhood are once again fearful, this time over the question: Is someone “disappearing” the men of the village.”

As previously reported, McArthur was arrested on Jan. 18 in connection with Kinsman’s murder, as well as the death of Selim Esen, 44. He was soon leveled with murder charges for three more men—Majeed Kayhan, 58, Soroush Mahmudi, 50, and Dean Lisowick, 47—two of whom have been missing for… continue reading here.


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February 18th, 2018


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