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South Carolina School Suspends Students For Flying Historic American Flags On Cars #history #1A #education

A handful of students have been suspended from Burns High School in Cleveland County for what they say is a tradition that involves flying flags from the back of their cars— including the Confederate flag.

“I thought it was kind of ridiculous, so I was like ok I see how it is,” said one student, who wanted to remain anonymous.

The tradition involves students flying several different flags on the back of their trucks and then parking their vehicles on school property, reports Fox 46.

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Burns High School Principal Mickey Morehead said the students were suspended for insubordination after being asked to remove the flags from the cars parked on school property.

“They were asked to remove the flags, and they didn’t,” Morehead said.

Morehead would not say how many were suspended.

“The flags were seen as a disruption at the school,” said Cleveland County Schools spokesman Greg Shull.

Students were asked to remove the flags over a two day period last week, Shull said.

The Cleveland County Schools student handbook states students must comply with what is set forth in it and that the policies set forth also apply to “any private vehicle located on property owned or managed by the Cleveland County Board of Education.”

“Cleveland County Schools believes in promoting a culture that focuses on student success. Our community schools work to provide safe environments – physically and emotionally – for all children. Any conduct that would cause a disruption in our educational environment may be subject to discipline via the CCS Code of Conduct,” Shull said.

The student handbook addresses what they define as insubordination:

“Students are expected to comply without delay to the directives of all school personnel at all times while a student is at school or involved in a school-related activity. Students who fail to comply with the directions of any school personnel anytime during the school day, during extra-curricular activities or during any period that the school personnel has authority, have violated this policy.”

By being insubordinate, high school students face up to three days of suspension, according to the handbook.

Shull stated the suspended students had other incidents that led up to the situation.


Over the weekend, community members expressed outrage on social media when news began circulating that students were being suspended because of flags on cars.

“There was some information that this involved the flying of the American flag. That is not true. It is completly fine that they continue flying the American flag,” Shull said.

In the parking lot Monday, more than 24 cars were adorned with American flags, Morehead said.

Students who understand the Constitution are pushing back all over the country with the flying of the Confederate flag. None of them wish to see a return to slavery as portrayed by the mainstream media, but simply wish to be able to exercise their rights in a way they see fit for themselves.

In Michigan, leftist Democrats moaned and groaned over high school students making a point to fly many Confederate flags in defiance of cultural Marxists who seek to erase history.

Here’s some of the tender snowflake’s comments:

Michael Seltz, of Bay City:

“I worked as a teacher and administrator in seven districts across three states. In every one of those I have no doubt that a Confederate flag on campus would’ve been immediately confiscated and student suspended. The American flag unites us. A Confederate flag is intended to divide. It is automatically disruptive to the educational process and any superintendent or principal should know that and act accordingly. I truly hope the student body comes together and acts because it appears their leadership is more interested in saving face. By doing so they have truly embarrassed themselves and made me question where I have moved to.”

One woman who clearly does not understand the notion of free speech, Laura Denney, of Fort Hood, Texas wrote a letter to Mayor Kilbourn.

Excerpts of it are as follows:

“The Constitution does not protect those trotting out the rebel flag outside of Bay City Western High School . Yes, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of expression, However… Discriminatory harassment speech that disrupts a persons education and feeling of safety is not protected.

And of course, a politically correct (Cultural Marxist) politician had to chime in.

Rep. Dan Kildee said on Twitter.

In Michigan, we ought to celebrate inclusiveness and diversity, not relics that represent divisiveness and hate. The Confederate battle flag is a painful symbol for many Americans, and it is wrong to display it in a way that seeks to intimidate and divide Americans


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April 26th, 2018


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