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WATCH – Saved By Christ, Former LGBT’s Share Their Testimony At DC “Freedom March” Rally *VIDEO* #lgbt #Jesus

As we reported before, this last weekend former homosexuals and transgenders, including a survivor of the horrific Pulse nightclub shooting who gave his life to Christ following the attack, marched in Washington DC to celebrate the great work Christ has done in their lives as they find freedom from their pasts and redemption and peace in His love.

This is the group the LGBTQ community doesn’t want you to know about–people who have chosen to turn their back on their sin and put their faith and trust in our Redeemer.

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“I believe some of you here today are still battling [LGBT] thoughts and temptations. God wants to deliver you from every yoke of bondage,” said Anite Angelo, a woman who lived over 30 years as a homosexual, to the crowd on Saturday. “He wants you to take every thought captive and lay aside every weight in the sin that so easily does entangle you.”

“I am pro-choice,” Elizabeth explained in her powerful speech. “I believe those who choose to engage in homosexual sin also have the right not to engage in homosexuality, and they have the choice to seek therapy for their unnatural and unwanted desires.”

“I don’t share the same testimony as they do,” she added. “I got a testimony. Jesus Christ set me free as well, and he will set you free from your sin, whether it is homosexual or heterosexual. I had my lust, my pride, and my sin that I had to repent of, and Jesus Christ set me free as well.”


Amen–we all have our struggles against the flesh and sin that nailed Christ to the cross. But no matter where we have come from, we all share that blessed hope of His Salvation, which He won for us on that very same cross.

The only reason this marginalized group of ex-LGBT Christians is so hated by the left is they have chosen to walk away from a sin that the left has desperately been trying to normalize–and they’ve made it a politically correct (Cultural Marxist) carnal sin to suggest that anyone needs saving from a life of same-sex attraction or gender confusion, no matter how much a given individual may struggle with these desires.

The facts are manifested in this world every single day. If you wish to find a way to happiness, simply embrace the love that Christ has to offer, and Satan’s hold will loosen.

Sadly, while reviled by the left, Christians have proven that they can peacefully co-exist with LGBT’s, even though they disagree with their choices.

The left has yet to prove they have any tolerance or desire to co-exist, because with them, it’s either their way, or the highway to Hell.

As a bonus, at the Teens4Truth Conference at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on Nov. 18, 2017. Real people countering the lies that we are all being constantly told about the LGBT lifestyle.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
May 11th, 2018


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