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Russia’s “Zapad” War Games Simulate Full-Scale Invasion of Western Europe #Russia #Putin #EU

Perhaps Putin is preparing for the day when Russia & the United States have to invade Europe to save them from themselves again. WWI then WWII, and now the Barbarian Invasion of the 21st century.

No one could blame Putin for wanting to protect his nation against raging European jihadists, could they?

Russia has simulated a full-scale invasion of the West that includes capturing Baltic states, bombing Germany and invading neutral countries, it has been revealed.

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The war drills were carried out in September and featured troops, artillery, tanks, missile attacks and naval and air force raids.

Details of the Vladimir Putin’s so-called “Zapad” (West) exercises were revealed by analysts from two leading intelligence agencies, Bild reported. They did not specify the methods used to collect the intel.

At the time, Putin claimed the exercises were for anti-terror purposes and were purely defensive in nature.

However, the paper reported that the drills were a dry-run for a “shock campaign” against Western European NATO countries.

This included first overrunning the Sulwalki Gap – a 60 mile stretch of NATO land that connects the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad with its ally Belarus.

It practiced this by creating a mock state on an identical piece of land in Belarus then invading it.

At the same time, the analysts said, the Kremlin also rehearsed “neutralizing or taking under control air fields and harbours (in eastern Europe), so there are no reinforcements arriving from other NATO states there”.

They added: “This does not mean that you have to occupy the countries and declare ‘Peoples’ Republics’ or something like that, but that you have to occupy the harbors, airports and so on.”

Over two days, Russian fighter jets also flew mock sorties through the Baltic and North Seas, swooping down onto the edges of Germany and the Netherlands.

These were designed to be a practice run for destroying high-value targets such as power reactors, airports and other forces, including naval battalions, practiced invading neutral Finland, as well as Sweden, Norway and Poland.

The Zapad war games, held by Russian and Belarussian troops on territory in both countries in September, are a new source of concern for neighboring Ukraine and NATO member states on Europe’s eastern flank.

Russia has said the exercise was to rehearse a purely defensive scenario, that the scale of the wargames was in line with international rules, and that allegations it was a springboard to invade Poland, Lithuania or Ukraine were false.

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December 20th, 2017

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