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Roy Moore Files Lawsuit Against Conspiring Accusers That VANISHED After Election #lawsuit #Democrats

Former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on Monday filed a lawsuit alleging that there was a political conspiracy against him in the 2017 special election.

The complaint was filed in Etowah County, Ala., against some of the women who accused Moore of sexual misconduct — including Debbie Wesson Gibson, Beverly Young Nelson, Leigh Corfman and Tina Johnson — ahead of the vote to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Richard Hagedorn, who said he knew Corfman and revealed he was aware of other alleged incidents involving Moore, was also named in the suit.

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“Those accusations involved events that supposedly occurred from 26 to 40 years ago. Yet they all coincidentally surfaced for the first time within a seven-day period, a mere 32 days before the December 12 general election,” the complaint reads.

Moore, a former state Supreme Court chief justice who lost to now-Sen. Doug Jones (D), alleged that his accusers share “common ties” and that they planned to undermine his Senate campaign last year, Fox News reports

“What we’ve documented in this complaint will show the people of Alabama that these people knew what they were doing. They set it out. They described what they were going to do. They did it, and they bragged about doing it afterward,” Moore said at a news conference on Monday.

The complaint also states that only three women “alleged improper conduct” against Moore, despite nine women sharing accusations with the press.

“Although the liberal media, eager to bury Judge Moore’s candidacy, have repeated over and over the mantra of ‘nine accusers,’ in fact only three women alleged improper conduct. Those three accusers, defendants Leigh Corfman, Beverly Nelson, and Tina Johnson have all defamed Judge Moore by accusing him of immoral acts he never committed and adamantly denies,” the complaint reads.


Multiple women came forward during the campaign last year to accuse of Moore of inappropriate sexual misconduct, including one who says she was 16 at the time. The women never produced a single shred of evidence.

The complaint comes after Moore sued Corfman for defamation — after she initially sued him for defamation for denying her claims.

Moore never conceded after his election defeat.


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June 6th, 2018


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