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Ron Paul Predicts End of “American Empire” Along With All Versions of Marxism #Trump #America

While Donald Trump touts his successes in bringing financial stability, America’s reckless debt and military spending will eventually cause the system to crash and burn like the final days of the Soviet Union, Ron Paul has warned.

President Trump has long boasted about bringing his business acumen to his role in leading the United States of America, but even he cannot stop an impending economic meltdown, former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul told RT.

“The way I see it is in economic terms,” Paul said. “My understanding is that it wasn’t our military build-up in the United States that brought the Soviet system down. What happened was the Soviets were working with a system that we – people in free markets – saw as totally unviable.”

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Talking about his beliefs in Austrian economics, Paul said that communism, along with fascism, socialism and even Keynesianism (a form of economics popular after WWII) were not viable systems and will eventually end, and the same could happen to the United States and it’s militarism.

“We’re gonna have a sudden, cataclysmic end which is sort of what happened to the Soviet system. It’s not going to be identical, there was a succession movement and some of those countries left the Soviet system. Our states probably aren’t going to break up, but I do sincerely believe that we will no longer be able to afford our empire around the world.

Our empire, although we don’t claim ownership to it, it’s a lot of money and a lot of influence, and we threaten with weapons and we use sanctions to hold our empire together, [but] I think that’s coming to an end.”

Time will only tell, and Dr Paul is known for making claims of doom & gloom, only for the economy to continue booming along.

There is no doubt that at some point, America will have to deal with the gorilla on their back, the national debt.

But is it today?


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
January 3rd, 2017

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