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Thanks To Robotics Technology, Annoying Liberal Coffee Baristas Are Obsolete #technology #robotics #coffee

It was coming, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. The Robotics Revolution is upon humanity, aided in large part by ingrate Communists demanding $15 an hour for an entry level job they were too lazy to promote out of.

After Flippy the burger-flipping robot took off in California, the robot revolution is here for your morning caffeine fix.

Meet Flippy the Robotic burger-flipper

Cafe X Technologies is a new, $25,000 automated barista designed by the award-winning team behind Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones and speakers: the Ammunition Group. The Jetsons-style coffeemaker can sling 120 cups of joe per hour at specs that satisfy finicky roasters (and project partners) like Intelligentsia, Ritual and Equator.

The robo unit is essentially a fully operational café beneath a six-axis animatronic arm.

Customers place orders on a kiosk touchscreen or via the Cafe X app and receive a text when the drink is ready, after around a minute of preparation. Like at a regular coffeehouse, you get a multitude of beverage options: latte, single-origin espresso, matcha latte, cortado and so on, and with different types of frothy milk, including organic Swedish oat milk. Even the robot gestures are crafted to evoke a true coffee bar experience. As it presents each cup to customers, the machine offers a sweeping “ta-da!” gesture.

“We knew a robot could create an exceptional cup of coffee, but we also wanted it to appear warm and friendly,” said inventor Henry Hu, 24, who conceived the idea in his second year at Babson College after being stuck in a coffee line for too long at an airport. “The baristas to me looked like factory workers,” he said. “They were moving cups around and pushing buttons, which made me think, ‘I bet we can build a product that automates these boring tasks way more efficiently.”


Designing a consumer-friendly bot

With a $100,000 Theil Fellowship, Hu and two friends built the bar protoype by hand from sheet metal in a San Mateo, California, garage. After securing $5 million in seed funding from investors like Khosla Ventures, Social Capital, Launch and Felicis Ventures, the project brought in Ammunition, the respected design firm that also worked on Square’s point-of-service register and Lyft’s dashboard “Glowstache.” Hu and his team’s concept then attracted additional investors, including the Thiel Foundation and Jason Calacanis, an early investor in Uber. To date the total funding stands at $7 million. (Continue reading here.)


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May 8th, 2018


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