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Rioting to Crush Free Speech Again, Antifa Communist Insurgents Fail Miserably *VIDEO* #o4anews #Antifa

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November 2nd, 2017

Communist Antifa insurgents led a chorus of traitors who tried to shout down and disrupt a speech at Columbia University by controversial right-leaning writer Mike Cernovich, marking yet another occasion of campus turmoil surrounding a speaker invited by a school’s Republican club.

Cernovich was invited by the Columbia University College Republicans to speak Monday night, however, Communist Antifa insurgents in the hall succeeded in multiple interruptions before rioters outside cranked up the tension.

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“You’re a f—ing Nazi, you piece of s—-! F—-, get the f—- outta here!” shouted one Communist Antifa insurgent who managed to make it inside the venue, The New York Post reported.

Cernovich began his speech at 8:50 pm and spoke about the rise of alternative media and the recent pedophilia scandal in Hollywood, before taking questions from a long line of critics.

Just feet away, however, it was a different story.

A person inside the event said a third of the students who wanted to attend couldn’t get in because Communist Antifa insurgents were blocking the only entrance and pushing students away — while security was trapped inside the building and the NYPD was off campus. No arrests were reported at the event.

Antifa was allegedly “doxing” students trying to get in to the event by taking their pictures, something they had done prior to the event to CUCR president, Aristotle Boosalis.

Antifa attacked students, while a few of the insurgents harassed a female reporter.

Toni Airaksinen, a senior at Barnard College and correspondent for Campus Reform, was “scared” after one of the demonstrators saw her and yelled “follow her” and “attack her.” She said she went to campus police after protesters twice yelled at her, but campus cops only told her to stand against a wall.

“It’s indicative of a larger narrative where conservative or libertarian students are attacked for their views,” she said.

Cernovich specifically addressed the harassment of Airaksinen, calling it “violence against women” and “threats against journalists.”

“I call on all Black Lives Matter leaders to disavow violence against women,” Cernovich said. “I also call on the mainstream media, which claims there is a war on the free press being led by conservatives, to disavow threats against journalists. The media must all call on Democrat leaders to disavow violence by their supporters.”

Boosalis added: “We have targets on our heads at our school, which is completely sad.”

Despite the chaos outside, both Cernovich and the CUCR club organizer praised Columbia University’s handling of the event, with Cernovich comparing the Columbia atmosphere to the chaos that enveloped UC Berkeley after rightwing speakers were invited to talk.

“I was highly impressed with the Columbia administration,” Cernovich said. “They proved that if Berkeley wanted to have free speech events, it can happen.”

One point of contention surrounding the event involved a sign that appeared at the event and surfaced later on social meeting. The “No white supremacy, no pedo bashing, no Mike Cernovich” poster included logos from Antifa, the National Man/Boy Love Association and Resist NY.

A reporter for Gothamist, however, claimed the banner was planted by Cernovich supporters, a charge which Cernovich directly rebutted.

“The alt-left has long advocated for pedophile acceptance, with Salon and other publications claiming pedophilia is a disorder, not a crime,” Cernovich, an outspoken critic of pedophilia in Hollywood and politics, told Fox News. “It’s thus unsurprising that the alt-left and associated groups like Antifa are pro-pedophile.”

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