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Researcher’s “Study” Claims Easter Is Bad For the Environment #Easter #shutup #chocolate

Liberals just can’t leave the joy in anything. This, that, and everything causes cancer, you’re racist, you’re sexist, you’re bad for the environment, you don’t care about the planet, you should want universal healthcare even if it never works, and now, liberals are trying to make Easter suck too.

Beware the chocolate Easter bunny, and those foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. Both could be “bad for the environment” warns a new study, which says that such confections can damage the environment.

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Researchers at The University of Manchester in England have identified “the carbon footprint of chocolate and its other environmental impacts,” analyzing such factors as ingredients, manufacturing processes, packaging and waste. Yes, cow gas emissions are cited in the research, which was released Friday.

The researchers estimate that the British chocolate industry alone produces about over 2 tons of greenhouse gases a year — as much as a large city.

“Most of us love chocolate, but don’t often think of what it takes to get from cocoa beans to the chocolate products we buy,” said Adisa Azapagic, director of Sustainable Industrial Systems and a professor within the School of Chemical Engineering & Analytical Science on the campus.

The study noted that cocoa is cultivated in West Africa along with Central and South America, and travels many miles before it reaches a factory and leaving a sizable carbon footprint. Then there is the gas factor.

“It’s not only the cocoa — it’s also the milk powder used to make milk chocolates. Its production is very energy intensive, plus dairy cows produce significant greenhouse gas emissions per liter of milk produced. This all adds to the environmental impacts of chocolate,” the study said.



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April 2nd, 2018


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