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Researchers Issue Warning To Public About Baby Food – Babies At Risk Worldwide #o4a #baby #news

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October 25th, 2017

The contents of baby food may have you rethinking what you feed your wee one.

A newly released report gives a shocking analysis of what may be inside baby foods and infant formulas.

According to the Clean Label Project, a nonprofit that advocates for product labeling transparency, a five-month study into hundreds of baby foods, formulas, and snacks has found that the vast majority contain some level of poisonous materials like arsenic or lead.

Researchers tested over 500 various products found in stores.

Researchers were stunned to find that 65 percent of the foods contained detectable levels of arsenic.

The analysis also showed that more than a third of the baby products tested positive for lead.

Cadmium, a metal found in batteries, was also found in over half of the samples tested by Clean Label.

“The baby industry needs to do a better job in protecting America’s most vulnerable population,” Clean Label Project’s Jaclyn Bowen said. The nonprofit’s executive director added that rice-based baby foods like snack puffs had the highest levels of arsenic in them.

The World Health Organization reports that arsenic, a toxin commonly found in groundwater, has been associated with cancer, developmental effects in infants, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The substance is one of the organization’s 10 chemicals labeled as a major public health concern, reports KDKA.

In 2016, the FDA admitted that many harmful elements may be found in food products and has only taken small steps to limit the public’s exposure to them. Government health officials have imposed an arsenic limit of 100 parts per billion in rice and infant rice cereals.

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