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WATCH – Rob “Meathead” Reiner Melts Down About Trump Getting Supreme Court Pick *VIDEO* #Trump #SCOTUS #Democrats

With the thrill running down his leg long gone, MSNBC’s Hardball and host Chris Matthews has had a rough week, and was far from over with.

This Thursday, they featured Rob “Meathead” Reiner and various guests demanding that “we cannot allow” “a potential criminal” in President Trump to appoint another conservative Supreme Court justice because he’ll keep Trump from prison and do his bidding “for three decades.”

Pivoting from an update on from The Capital Gazette newspaper shooting, Matthews screeched that “[i]t’s impossible to see another decision that will have greater or sure will greater shape the kind of country we do live in.”

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Matthews declared that the Supreme Court will always make political decisions on things like “decid[ing] presidential elections, the number of guns in the country, the power of money in our politics and on and on.”

Matthews later teed up Hollywood director and walking Notable Quotable Rob Reiner by fretting that the Supreme Court “will decide the fate very well of this President” on “[a]ll kinds of issues, obstruction of justice and possible collusion with the Russians” and yet the Senate will be “let[ting] him pick one of the people to decide his own fate.”

Reiner implored liberals to let go of their feelings about the Merrick Garland nomination because “[w]e have a President of the United States that, right now, is under investigation for possibly conspiring with a…foreign enemy power to disrupt our democracy and steal an election.”

Behold the ridiculousness from Meathead:

MATTHEWS: Rob, thank you for joining us. I have — there’s another lay of concern here. This Supreme Court, when it’s full up with nine justices, will decide the fate very well of this President. We’ve got a special counsel loaded for bear. All kinds of issues, obstruction of justice and possible collusion with the Russians and how — what materials and what testimonies have to be accepted, whether he has to testify or not and they are going to let him pick one of the people to decide his own fate.

ROB REINER: That’s the biggest problem. I don’t think we should get hung up on the egregious — effects of what Mitch McConnell did to Barack Obama and a tit-for-tat kind of thing. We have a President of the United States that, right now, is under investigation for possibly conspiring with a firent [sic] — foreign enemy power to disrupt our democracy and steal an election.

I don’t think we want as Americans to allow somebody who is possibly colluding with a foreign enemy to making choices that are going to affect our lives for the next 30, 40 years. That’s the issue and make no mistake about it. We cannot allow this. We have to see what happens with the Mueller investigation, whether or not Donald Trump is guilty or not guilty of major, major crimes and if he is, he should not be allowed to pick the next Supreme Court justice.

Marxist terror group’s spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre suggested that this Supreme Court justice symbolizes Trump “buying himself a get of jail free card” while Matthews followed up with more vitriol about right-leaning Court decisions being political with the Court showing “its amazing brazeness.”

“This Court is unbounded in its power and it’s not just the social issues we fight about like abortion and marriage equality. It’s everything. It’s all political,” he shouted.

Reiner came across as a conspiracy theory-laden, left-wing nut job, which is for the best, given that’s what he is.

And wherever you come down on any of these issues, I would hope as an American you don’t want a potential criminal choosing one of our Supreme Court justices. That’s what it comes down to. I mean, I don’t care whether you’re a pro-life or pro-choice, I happen to be, you know, pro-choice and I happen to be in favor of gay rights and civil rights and workers rights and all those things and those things are in jeopardy, but whatever — wherever you come down ideologically, we can all agree that we shouldn’t have a potential criminal choosing our next Supreme Court justice.

On abortion, Matthews brought up the President’s stupid assertion that woman should face criminal punishment (whether that’s charges, execution, or jail time, we don’t know) to claim that he’ll find a justice who agrees with him on this “sort of biblical kind of answer.”

To end the show, Matthews’s “Trump Watch” commentary was another portrait of someone who was slowly losing control of their faculties in the calmness department.

He started by declaring that the pick replacing Anthony Kennedy will do “his will for three decades,” so “there’s nothing that the Congress decides this year or the years ahead that is likely to matter as much as this decision.”

“So, don’t let anyone tell you picking this decisive member of the Supreme Court is not essentially a political decision, to pick a Republican justice is to have a Republican court. If the Democrats in the United States Senate cannot resist Trump’s putting the country’s highest court in a death grip, they will and should pay an insufferable price. Now is the time for political warfare, not after this coming election when the enduring historic damage had already been sustained,” he concluded.



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June 29th, 2018


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