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Red Cross Calls Out MSNBC Host for Bold-Faced Lie #RedCross #MSNBC #immigration

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has accused the Red Cross of “spin” after the humanitarian organization called him out for a bold-faced lie about the aid agency’s tweet on US border detentions.

The unlikely Twitter spat began when Scarborough lied, saying the Red Cross was being banned from contact with children detained by American immigration authorities at the US-Mexico border.

“Trump’s Centralized State is even banning the Red Cross from visiting those infants and toddlers being incarcerated by Trump,” Scarborough wrote, quoting a tweet from the American Red Cross.

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The Red Cross tweet stated it had offered assistance to federal authorities but had not acquired permission to access the site. It also linked to a more than two dozen ‘trusted’ organizations that were providing support to those detained at the border.

Quickly spotting that Scarborough had lied about their tweet, the American Red Cross replied with strong clarification on the issue.


In a pathetic attempt to distract from his fake news, Scarborough refuted the Red Cross’ own explanation, telling the organization to “focus on missing children, and leave the spin to [White House press secretary] Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”

In a tweet pinned to the American Red Cross account, the non-profit states that it has been in contact with several levels of the Trump administration regarding the border situation and has received a positive response.

The Red Cross is not a federal agency, and says it operates as a “federal instrument” to carry out responsibilities delegated by the government, such as disaster relief. The organization says it does not generally receive federal funding on a regular basis.

Scarborough is an irrational hater of Trump and constantly whines about the GOP for not standing up to the president, because Trump is trying to save America from policies that Democrats support.

He calls Trump supporters racist every chance he gets, and again during a propaganda piece on the family separation policy that former President Clinton began, on the Morning Joe show on Saturday. MSNBC, meanwhile, has been consistently branded by Trump as “fake news,” for consistently broadcasting and publishing Yellow Journalism, otherwise known as fake news.

MSNBC wonders why they have credibility issues, and part of the reason might be the fact that they support the LGBT movement, but continue to employ a clearly racist and homophobic host, Joy Reid.

Reid was recently called out for a post on a blog for fat-shaming and slandering lesbian celebrity Rosie O’Donnell.

Just recently, the LGBTQ advocacy group PFLAG National rescinded Joy Ann Reid’s allyship award after an explosive report by Mediaite on newly unearthed homophobic posts from the MSNBC pundit’s old blog.

Then there was the time Ms Reid hoped President Trump would be shot resisting arrest.

In reality, Joy Reid is simply a reflection of Democrat values. Racism, sexism, hatred, bigotry and dishonesty are trademarks of Democrats, and even the crew of Morning Joe showed their blatant sexism when they said that women working for Trump “are worth nothing”.

It goes on and on, and it’s just proof that Democrats have mastered the Nazi propaganda skill of “accusing the other of that which you are guilty.”


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June 24th, 2018


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