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Radical Environmentalists Have an Insane Plan That Meat Eaters Are Going To Hate #BEEF #pork #chicken

Environmentalists are targeting your hamburgers and buffalo wings with a “Meat Tax.” And they claim they have “never been closer to a meat tax.”

As reported by Bloomberg Law:

Hamburger addicts, barbecue junkies, and fried chicken fanatics may soon be asked to pay a surcharge for their obsessions with meat.

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Excise taxes on beef, pork, and chicken could be the next big thing in a state and local tax environment that’s already comfortable with “sin tax” regimes aimed at cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and gambling and is adapting quickly to special levies on sugar-sweetened beverages, greenhouse gases, and marijuana.

While there are no current legislative proposals imposing state or local surcharges on meat, a growing number of public health, environmentalist, and animal rights advocates are bullish on tax schemes addressing the mounting social costs of meat production and consumption.

“We have never been closer to a meat tax,” said Ashley Byrne, associate director of campaigns for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). “We have seen people—including meat eaters—realizing that meat is bad for their health and meat is taking this incredible toll on the environment. People seem more open than ever to an excise tax on meat. If we are going to tax tobacco, if we are going to tax soda, it absolutely makes sense to have a similar tax on meat.

A story in The Atlantic suggests that meat taxes are “inevitable.” So does The Independent and The Guardian.

The initiative looks at the impact of agriculture on the environment and how it will shape markets. The analysts cite the global popularity of “behavioral taxes” to nudge people to achieve social ends and decrease overall taxes—by reducing societal costs of such things as sugar and tobacco and carbon emissions—and argue that meat “is on the same path,” driven by “a global consensus around meat’s negative contributions to climate change and global-health epidemics such as obesity, cancer, and antibiotic resistance.”

Livestock has been estimated to account for around 15 percent of human-related greenhouse gases, and animal agriculture is water-intensive and space-inefficient. Over the next three decades, meat consumption is projected to increase by 75 percent.

The is based in part on research from the University of Oxford, where the food-policy researcher Marco Springmann and colleagues calculated that eliminating animal protein from the global food system would save $1.6 trillion in environmental costs by 2050. Springmann noted in a press statement that taxing meat “would send a strong signal that dietary change toward more healthy and sustainable plant-based diets is urgently needed to preserve both our health and the environment.”

These environmentalist whack jobs are serious. PETA wants to tax meat toward the end of outlawing all eating meat–and eventually all animal husbandry–because, you know, “a rat, is a pig, is a dog, is a boy.”

PETA is calling for an excise tax on meat to help cover the health and environmental costs that result from using animals for food.

Cigarettes, alcohol, and gasoline are already federally taxed—through excise, or “sin,” taxes—to help pay for their hidden health or environmental costs. But although meat consumption is a health hazard and meat production is a leading source of environmental degradation, the meat industry has gotten off easy.

PETA is calling on members of Congress to support a sin tax on meat. Why? A 10-cent tax on every pound of chicken, turkey, pig, cow, fish, and other animal flesh sold in grocery stores and restaurants could help reduce Americans’ skyrocketing annual health-care costs by encouraging people to eat less meat.

Global warming hysterics want to end meat because of animal flatulence. An industry investment research group report warns that a meat tax is likely due to the Paris Accords. (Aren’t you glad Trump pulled us out?)

It is becoming “increasingly probable” that the implementation of the Paris Agreement will lead some governments to tax meat in the same way many now tax sugar, carbon and tobacco. That is the stark warning of a private report to investors produced by investor network FAIRR – an initiative supported by investors managing over $4 trillion of assets.

The policy White Paper, entitled The Livestock Levy, warns that the growing evidence of the meat industry’s harmful impacts on both human health and the environment make the imposition of a ‘behavioural (or sin) tax’ on meat products increasingly likely if countries are to fulfil their commitments to the Paris Agreement. Countries including Denmark and Sweden have already debated a meat tax.

So you can see, hard core leftist environmentalists will stop at nothing to try to mold humans into an unnatural form. Humans are omnivores, not herbivores. We have canines and incisors specifically designed to cut and tear meat because our bodies require the nutrients found in it.

Leave it up to “environmentalists” who claim to be all about nature to go completely contradictory to reality… But, that is the way of the left. Do the opposite of what makes sense.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
January 25th, 2018


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