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Islamic ‘Prayer Call Proclaims Power & Control Over Country’ says Former Muslim Imam *VIDEO* #Islam #Muslim

Bishop Fredrik Modeus has been met by swearing words and verbs after his statement that he welcomes the application for prayer calls and hoped to hear both church bells and prayer calls in Växjö.

“I think that many of those who pronounce themselves bear a real fear of what’s unfamiliar. That fear I respect, but do not think the way forward is to prevent others from exercising their religion, “said the bishop.

Tomas Samuel , Christian apologist and former Imam, therefore, wants to provide knowledge of what the prayer call stands for.

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“By going to the Islamic sources, we can get a foundation that can help decision makers make the right decision, ” he says .


What appears is that the prayer call expresses that everyone should submit to Islam and proclaim power over the area of ​​prayer prayer.

Tomas Samuel writes that at first glance it may seem that church bells and prayer calls are the same, but that is a logical error.

– Church bells are not a confession, it’s just a musical sound. They are not willing to show power and control over the country. In addition, most churches do not use the bells, several do not even have any. The difference is obvious, writes Tomas Samuel.

Proclamation of city

The prayer call is called “Adhan” in Arabic and means “information, enlightenment”. The prayer call came for essentially two reasons: The prayer call will remind people of when it was time to pray and the prayer call will proclaim Islam over a city, according to Tomas Samuel.

– At that time there were no clocks with alarm. As the Muslim population increased in number, there was a real need to remind people of the different prayer periods. But that need hardly exists today because we have wristwatches, bells on the walls, and in our mobile phones.

Everyone is going to bend

He quotes “Omdat Al-Ahkam”, one of the most important books for Islamic law:

“Adhan is a very important ritual in the religious practice of Islam, one can resemble it by the Muslim flag and the exclamation shows that the people of the city are Muslims. It is also important for the proclamation of the word of Allah, thus manifesting the religion of Allah (Islam) “.

“The prayer call begins with” thanksgiving “by proclaiming” Allaho Akbar “to show that Allah is the greatest and that everything and all but Allah in Islam should bow. The Islamic testimony is the second batch of prayer prayer (There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger). This confirms Islam and proclaims it (Islam) across the country. ”

Not by women

– The prayer call should be done by a man who has a beautiful voice. Women are not allowed to raise their voices because a woman’s voice could mean a temptation for men, continues Tomas Samuel.

The prayer call should be done with a loud voice. There is promise of a reward from Allah for a loud voice that reaches as far as possible. The prayer call will take place at the exact time of the five prayers.

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Just the beginning

Tomas Samuel believes that Växsjömoskosen’s application for a prayer call is only the beginning.

“Many other mosques will have the same request, not only twice a week but five times a day.

He emphasizes that everybody is free to believe how he wants.

“But your freedom ends when my starts. One of the simplest rights is that no one should be forced to listen to a creed he does not believe in, he writes.


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February 26th, 2018


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