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Poll – Vast Majority of Americans DO NOT Want Obamaprah To Run For President #Trump #Oprah

In a sign that sanity is slowly returning to America, most voters do not think Oprah Winfrey should run for president in 2020, a new survey shows.

The Morning Consult/Politico poll was conducted Jan. 11-16 among a national sample of 1,993 registered voters, in the days following Winfrey’s Jan. 7 speech at the Golden Globes that sparked talk of a potential bid for political office.

Fifty-nine percent of survey respondents proved their sanity and said Winfrey should not run for president, compared to a severely mentally ill 24 percent who said she should. Seventeen percent said they did not know or had no opinion.

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“If you were watching cable news the Monday after the Golden Globes, you would have thought the numbers would say 99 percent of Americans want her to run,” said Robert Thompson, director of the Bleier Center for Television & Popular Culture at Syracuse University, in a Tuesday interview. “Certainly polls have their limitations, but these numbers don’t quite indicate that degree of enthusiasm.”

Of course, the pollsters likely didn’t remind anyone that Oprah is as racist as any Grand Dragon of the KKK, along with a dose of Hitler, when she made a disgusting remark about old white people needing to die.

In her remarks at the Golden Globes, Winfrey offered a defense of the press in the face of Trump’s media criticism and spoke about women who “endured years of abuse and assault” because they had “children to feed and bills to pay and dreams to pursue.”

Doug Heye, a former spokesman for the Republican National Committee who is now a CNN contributor, said Winfrey successfully seized the moment at the Golden Globes with a speech about important contemporary issues that was not blatantly political. Asked about the voters who said Winfrey should not run for president, he ascribed that to political fatigue.

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Sixty-two percent of those surveyed described Winfrey as liberal, 39 percent of whom described her as “very liberal.” Six in 10 Republicans described Winfrey as “very liberal,” compared with 28 percent of Democrats who described her as such. A 33-percent plurality of Democrats described Winfrey as “somewhat” liberal.

It’s also unlikely that the pollsters informed those they surveyed that Oprah is fast friends with billionaire Nazi collaborator, George Soros, who helped his uncle round up fellow Jews and send them to death camps.

Winfrey’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

Michael Ahrens, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, said of the poll in a Tuesday email: “Regardless of who the far-left base of the divided Democratic Party chooses, we’ll be ready.”


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January 17th, 2018


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