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Politicians Who Shelter Illegal Aliens May Soon Be Wearing Prison Jumpsuits #Trump #immigration #Sanctuary

Sanctuary cities and states are an outrageous Communist attempt to defy the Constitution and compromise the welfare of American citizens, and helping bring about the fruition of the “Cloward-Piven Strategy”.

In California, Communist-Democrat politicians have done exactly that in making the entire territory a sanctuary state, harboring criminals evading the long arm of the law.

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The Americans-last mayor in Oakland, California, Libby Schaaf, has taken measures to protect illegal aliens to the point that a Republican House representative proposed a bill in her honor which would mandate prison time for politicians who have taken part in such betrayal.

In February, Mayor Schaff deliberately opposed the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s efforts to deport dangerous illegal aliens in California.

Aligning with unconstitutional sanctuary policies, Schaff tipped off those in the surrounding San Francisco Bay area that immigration officers would be shortly arriving in search for those not in the country legally.

Due to her actions, officials on behalf of ICE said that Schaff was a “gang lookout” for illegals.

However, Schaaf’s complete disregard for federal law in her immoral support for the illegitimate California sanctuary policy is not being taken lightly.


President Trump advocated for Schaaf to be prosecuted, yet nothing had yet to come from such a suggestion until recently.

Iowa Representative Steve King proposed a bill which Will throw criminal Sanctuary-supporting politicians in prison where they belong, the Washington Times reports.

“It shall be unlawful for any officer, employee, or agent of a State or political subdivision thereof to obstruct, hinder, delay, or otherwise impede the enforcement of the laws of the United States, or to attempt to do so,” the text of the bill reads.

Named after the Mayor who dared President Trump to arrest her, the Libby Schaaf Act proposes that politicians caught making such violations could face a maximum five-year prison sentence.

“I want lawless, sanctuary city politicians to hear this message clearly: if you obstruct ICE, you are going to end up in the cooler,” said King.

While five years may not seem strict enough sentence considering the destruction that illegal aliens bring into the country in the form of drugs and violence, it is a start, and would prevent any of the convicted politicians from ever seeking the office of President.

ICE Chief Thomas D. Homan and Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security, has already “officially petitioned the Justice Department to see if they can prosecute sanctuary city officials.”

While addressing Schaaf’s crimes should, on paper, be a simple matter of enforcing federal law, King noted that Democrat-Communists would surely attempt to overthrow such rulings over the “debate about whether current laws make Ms. Schaaf’s behavior in tipping off illegal immigrants illegal.”

Because of this, King explained that a specific bill surrounding the issue is necessary to “remove all doubt.”

Thankfully, if the Libby Schaaf Act passes, politicians will soon be considered criminals just the same as illegals; although, they deserve far worse for permitting such crimes to occur.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
May 22nd, 2018


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