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Police Officers Will Never Be the Same After Stomach-Turning Discovery in Apartment #o4a #crime

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November 1st, 2017

Police officers performing a routine questioning about a missing woman were not prepared for the gruesome discovery they were about to come across.

After asking a local resident about the whereabouts of a the missing woman, the occupant told the police “she is in here” and pointed to a cooler on the floor.

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Upon opening the cooler, the dismembered remains of the woman were found.

The occupant, Takahiro Shiraishi, 27, confessed to killing and dismembering nine bodies found in his apartment.

Police arrested him on Tuesday after finding the bodies, eight females and one male, in cold-storage cases inside his apartment in Zama, a city southwest of the capital Tokyo.

Police sources said that even after Shiraishi confessed, he tried to hide evidence.

Police found some of the bodies covered with cat litter while trying to find the remains of the 23 year old woman who became Shiraishi’s last victim after exchanging Twitter messages, allegedly with Shiraishi, reports the UK Independent.

They are working to identify the remaining victims.

Investigative sources said Shiraishi started killing as soon as he moved into his apartment in late August.

His first victim was another woman whom he got in touch with via Twitter, offering to assist her suicide wish, then killing her boyfriend to silence him, according to the media reports, including NHK public television.

They said Shiraishi used similar tactics to kill seven other women, four of them teenagers.

A police official said a toolbox and saw found in Shiraishi’s apartment may have been used to dismember the bodies.

Japanese media quoted his neighbors as saying they had noticed foul smells coming from the apartment.

Shiraishi threw out some of the body parts in the garbage, along with the victims’ belongings, reports said.

They said the missing woman contacted Shiraishi via Twitter in late September, seeking a partner for a suicide pact and saying she was afraid to die alone.

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