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Philadelphia’s DA Hires Attorney Who Cheered Murder of Dallas Cops #Philadelphia #BlueLivesMatter

Philadelphia’s DA Hires Attorney Who Cheered Murder of Dallas Cops

Newly-elected District Attorney Larry Krasner has appointed attorney Michael Coard to his transition team, according to The Inquirer.

Coard is known for having celebrated the assassination of five Dallas police officers in 2016.

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Immediately after news of the Dallas assassination broke, Coard took to FacebookVIA and posted a picture of pigs with wings, with the message, “I’m not advocating criminal violence. I’m simply asserting legal rights under the Second Amendment and the Stand Your Ground laws. I’m just sayin’. (And I’m tired. Very tired.)”

In the comments of the post he said that he was celebrating.

“Done. Celebrating. Nuff said,” he posted.

Coard has also praised FBI-most wanted cop-killer Joanne Chesimard (Assata Shakur), saying in November, “Exactly 38 years ago on 11/2/79, Assata Olugbala Shakur of the Black Liberation Army (BLA), who was unjustly jailed for the murder of a state trooper, was liberated from NJ’s Clinton Correctional Facility by three fellow BLA members. Her nerves-of-steel comrades, known as “The Family,” were armed with guns and dynamite during the escape.”

Democrat civil rights attorney Larry Krasner was elected district attorney Nov. 7 and will be sworn into office next year.

On his Philadelphia Magazine questionnaire about whether “bad cops are sufficiently held accountable”, Krasner responded, “I agree with what Black Lives Matter has said.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that several Philadelphia Police Department officers have ripped Krasner on Facebook and started up a hashtag movement #notmyDA in response to his election.

Krasner, who is known for calling police and prosecutors liars and has sued law enforcement and government agencies over 75 times, has promised to end “mass incarceration” by starving the criminal justice system.

His plan is to end cash bail (and any bail policy where poor people are incarcerated pending trial), vows not to jail non-violent criminals, end an asset-forfeiture program, and has also promised to never seek the death penalty.

He’s also expected to toss cases which involve searches without warrants, even if there was probable cause to search.

His campaign got a huge boost from George Soros, according to Fox News.

Soros funded advertisements for Krasner which included “bragging of his work to free demonstrators from Occupy Philly and Black Lives Matter, and his lawsuits against police.”

Twelve former DA’s Office employees expressed their concerns over Krasner’s proposed reforms in an open letter. They called his reform ideas ‘dangerous’, and said “imagine working for someone who has openly demonized what you do every day.”

Twelve active Assistant District Attorneys in Philadelphia published an open letter condemning Larry Krasner as dangerous, and pointed out the obvious: It’s hard to lead an office of people you have repeatedly branded as liars.

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December 5th, 2017

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