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Meanwhile in Antarctica – Penguins Kick Over Camera, Start Posing For Selfies *VIDEO* #Antarctica #penguin

A pair of penguins were captured on camera appearing to pose for a selfie in Antarctica after one of the aquatic birds discovered the filming device.

The footage, filmed at the Auster Rookery near Australia’s Mawson research station, was shared on Twitter by the Australian Antarctic Division.

The penguins are seen tilting the camera over and examining it in a way that makes them appear to be taking a selfie together. The video also gives viewers a close view of the penguins and their facial features.

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Australian Antarctic expeditioner, Eddie Gault, had left the camera after visiting the Auster Rookery, the Australian Antarctic Division said.

Macquarie Island station goes virtual

Macquarie Island research station will be captured in 360 degree virtual reality this month, to assist station redevelopment and provide a historical record of the current buildings.

Australian Antarctic Division Macquarie Island Modernisation Project Manager, Adrian Young, will travel to the sub-Antarctic island on Australia’s icebreaker, Aurora Australis, today, with a team from Tasmanian business Sky Avenue Photography and Design.

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Mr Young said the photographic team will take 360 degree images from inside and outside the station and surrounding environment, and stitch these together to provide a virtual tour of the site.

“This will help the Australian Antarctic Division and the future Managing Contractor to prepare for the design and construction phase of the project, as well as the decommissioning of the current station buildings,” Mr Young said.

“As access is limited, the virtual tour will be a valuable tool to help the Managing Contractor design the new station and understand how the existing facility operates.”


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