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Pelosi Vows To Ignore Constitution & Pass Tyrannical Gun Control Laws #Democrats #Traitors #evil #2A #guns

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said passing stricter gun control laws will be a “priority” in the new Democrat-controlled House.

“There is bipartisan legislation to have common sense background checks to prevent guns going into the wrong hands,” the California Democrat told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Thursday night.

“This will be a priority for us in the next Congress,” Mrs. Pelosi added.

Her comments came a day after a gunman fatally shot 12 people with a Glock handgun at a bar hosting a college country music night in Thousands Oaks, California.

Mrs. Pelosi, who said she’s “100 percent” confident she’ll retake the title of House speaker, has vowed to push for a range of gun-control measures, including restrictions on high-capacity magazines and universal background checks.

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She said she’s confident such legislation would make it through the Republican-controlled Senate because “public sentiment” about guns is on her side.

“The American people deserve real action to end the daily epidemic of gun violence that is stealing the lives of our children on campuses, in places of worship and on our streets,” she said in a statement after the shooting. “House Democrats will fight to pass bipartisan, commonsense solutions to prevent gun violence in communities across the country.

Meanwhile, a Jeffersontown, Kentucky church is allowing members to bring guns to service after shootings at a local grocery story.

The move comes weeks after police say 51-year-old Gregory Bush tried to get into the locked church minutes before he went to a Kroger store and shot and killed two people.

The church where officials say the accused Kroger shooter tried to enter is now allowing people to be armed.

First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown officials say they’ve stepped up off-duty police security. They’re also asking church members with former law enforcement or security backgrounds to carry guns for services and Bible studies.

The church says it has identified about seven people so far who are allowed to carry the weapons. But it says others with concealed carry permits will also be allowed to bring guns into the church, but they must notify church leadership.

This comes as police say 51-year-old Gregory Bush tried to get into the locked church minutes before he went to a Kroger store and shot and killed two people.

Jeffersontown Police say they received a report of the shooting just before 3 p.m., on Wednesday, Oct. 24, at the Kroger store located at 9080 Taylorsville Road near the intersection with Hurstbourne Parkway.

Bush is accused of walking into the Kroger and firing multiple shots at 69-year-old Maurice Stallard, who died at the scene.

Authorities say Bush then left the store and shot and killed 67-year-old Vickie Jones in the parking lot before an armed citizen pulled out a weapon and exchanged fire with him. Neither Bush nor the citizen were injured in that exchange.

Bush fled to his car and reached Hurstbourne Parkway, but was taken into custody nearby shortly thereafter.

Multiple agencies were involved with the ongoing investigation, including Louisville Metro Police, the FBI and the ATF.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
November 12th, 2018


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