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Parents Outraged Over Students Being Blatantly Indoctrinated Into Islam At School #o4a #Islam

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October 17th, 2017

Cultural Marxist staff at Newton Public Schools gave a “lesson” to Massachusetts high school students where they pretended to be Muslims in the “Islamic” city of Jerusalem to teach the Muslim side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a new report revealed.

A father was outraged when he found out his daughter had been assigned what he described as an inflammatory pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel article. Upon confronting the school’s principal, he was told that lessons the next year would be make him even more furious.

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The class assignment, “Cities: Connecting the Islamic Word,” was published in an excerpt from a book by CAMERA,VIA the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting.

“As our concluding project on the Islamic world, you will work in groups to simulate a historical hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca in class,” a teacher wrote in the assignment description. “Each of you will be part of a group of Muslim pilgrims from one of the following eight Islamic cities or regions, around a rough time period.”

Students are taught that Jerusalem is one of the eight “Islamic” cities, and they are to set up a “tent” to display news stories about “their” Islamic cities and artifacts that represent their Islamic “hometown”.

The CAMERA report, “Indoctrinating Our Youth: How a U.S. Public School Curriculum Skews the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Islam,” is a case study on extremely biased materials used by Newton Public Schools to teach 9th and 10th graders about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Islamic history and culture.

“Citizens of Newton have been waging a minor war with school officials for years now, trying to get them to use balanced curriculum in their teaching materials on the subject of Islam and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” Judicial Watch Senior Investigator Bill Marshall told Fox News.

Saxton told Fox News the Newton school board and superintendent were “very uncooperative” and “non-transparent” regarding what was in their textbooks.

“I’m not sure we got everything,” Saxton said. “[But] we got so much damning material to go ahead with it.”

He added: “Parents and grandparents have absolutely no idea what their children and grandchildren are reading and hearing in school about history and geography. How many of them have read or looked at their textbooks, for example?”

Marshall said the teaching materials “use as little, if any material on the violent history of Islam.” In one lesson plan on the “Spread of Islam” the teacher’s notes indicate Muslim conquerors acted “decently” to their subjects.

“When you hear so much caterwauling from the Left about religion being mixed in the school, it’s a little troubling when kids are being asked to go on an imaginary Hajj,” Marshall said.

Saxton called it an example of a “purposeful attempt to indoctrinate our impressionable high-schoolers with the ‘virtues’ of Islam at the expense of Christianity, Judaism and other religions.”

Newton Public Schools did not respond to a request for comment.

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