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Over 200 Students Given Detention For Gun Control Walkout, Then They Get Really Stupid #guns #guncontrol #school

Officials at a Pennsylvania high school say they will issue detentions to more than 200 students who walked out of school as part of a nationwide protest demanding they have their Constitutional rights taken away.

The Allentown Morning Call reports Pennridge Superintendent Jacqueline Rattingan announced the punishment Wednesday against the 225 Pennridge High School students who walked out of school to demand their rights be taken away, instead of attending an in-house assembly remembering the 17 killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

The students will serve their detentions Saturday.

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The school had previously warned students who left the school without their parents would face discipline.

The notice also warned that students who left school for a walkout would be doing so without permission and thus would face the normal consequences. Rattigan said students who were not accompanied by their parents will face discipline.

Rattigan says about 800 students attended the assembly, which included a slideshow in honor of the victims.

Nationwide, thousands of useful idiot students walked out of school at the demands of their Marxist teachers to honor the Florida victims and call for their Constitutional rights to be taken away.

District public relations coordinator Joe Ferry said the consequences are one Saturday detention for a first offense and two for a second offense.

Students signing in for detention

Five students who walked out and then went to Dunkin’ Donuts will face an additional detention, Ferry said.

Pennridge isn’t the only district to tell students they would face consequences for walking out.

Allentown and Parkland said they would mark students tardy or absent if they walked out of the high schools. Instead, both Allentown and Parkland held in-school events.

In her statement, Rattigan said:

“We are proud of the way our students conducted themselves during today’s silent Remembrance Assembly on the one-month anniversary of the shootings at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Approximately 800 students attended the assemblies in two locations at the high school and sat in silence for 17 minutes while viewing a slideshow in honor of the victims. It was a moving experience for those who participated.

“About 225 students, including a few who were accompanied by their parents, chose to walk out of school to hold their own activity. Those who did so unaccompanied by a parent will face consequences, which were outlined in advance. The remainder of our student body who attended school on Wednesday stayed in their classrooms accompanied by teachers.

“We thank members of the Pennridge Regional Police Department who were on hand inside and outside the building to protect the safety of all students and staff.”

Meanwhile, defiant students are planning more Marxist mayhem, as the Pennridge High School detainees plan more Saturday detention protests to call for stronger gun control and the abolishment of their Constitutional rights.

The students being punished as they knew they would, are calling themselves #Pennridge 225 — are turning what was supposed to be punishment for holding a student walkout last week into another way to demand they have their rights taken away from them by the government.

On Saturday, 46 students — the first group of about 225 Pennridge high students — showed up to serve detention for ignoring the district’s warning that they should not participate in a national walkout on the one-month anniversary of the shooting deaths of 17 students and staff at a Parkland, Fla., high school.

Instead of sitting in their seats, the detention servers pinned the names of gun violence victims on their clothing. They linked arms and sat in a circle as classmates placed flowers in the center..

Many were waiting for them to being singing Kumbaya or Hakuna Matata, but that never came to fruition.

The useful idiot Pennridge students said they plan to hold similar protests when fellow Pennridge 225 students serve their detentions. They also said they did not receive additional punishment for their actions on Saturday.

Officials in the district located in Bucks County did not return requests for comment.

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March 18th, 2018


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