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Outraged McDonald’s Customer Attacked Golden Arches, Police Say #crime #freakshow #McDonalds

It has often been said that a hungry person is the most irrational, and an Oregon man seems to have gone out of his way to prove this ancient proverb true.

Seemingly starving beyond measure, an Oregon man tried to destroy a McDonald’s “golden arches” after the store’s employees refused to fill an order of 30 double cheeseburgers.

Police in Sutherlin — about 165 miles south of Portland — then arrested the famished, but burger-deprived, 37-year-old Jedediah Ezekiel Fulton on March 16 on suspicion of second-degree disorderly conduct, second-degree criminal trespass, second-degree criminal mischief and harassment, Oregon Live reported.

Authorities say Fulton became upset when the fast food restaurant declined to make his order. Police say he then went on a rampage, destroyed a banner and then bizarrely attacked the golden arches.

The Sutherlin Police Department says during the incident he also grabbed a person’s shirt and that a witness, worried for their safety and that of other customers pulled out a gun for protection.

It wasn’t clear from online records if Fulton has an attorney. No further details have been released, but it can be certain that any cheeseburgers he may receive in the jailhouse will not be the meal he was planning on.

Fast food workers often have to deal with the most bizarre of situations, and most are surprisingly professional and polite, especially given the low pay they receive to tolerate customer’s tantrums, tirades and irrational demands, like seen in the video below.

So while a fast food worker may not merit the $15 an hour that protesters have demanded for the last several years, there can be no doubt that they earn their money when they have to deal with situations like this.

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Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
March 26th, 2018


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