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Ohio School Choir Stirs Controversy After Singing Song About Picking Cotton #o4a #news #cotton

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October 23rd, 2017

Ready, set, play your race card!

That’s what happened when an 8th grade choir in Ohio sang a song about picking cotton.

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Before the song was even finished, at least one person, Alonzo Maulsby walked out on the performance.

‘Cotton Needs Pickin’ was performed by the choir at Springfield Middle School in Lucas County.

Nicole Maulsby posted a video of the song performance on Facebook, but has since made her page private. Her husband, Alonzo, who is black, walked out during the song.

The song includes the lyrics, “Cotton needs pickin’ so bad, we’re going to pick all over this field.”

Springfield Superintendent Matt Geha said the song came from a choir book of American folk songs, and that students had been practicing the song since August. He said Friday he hadn’t received any calls or emails complaining about the song choice, but knew about concerns raised on social media.

“I know that timing can sound bad, but it’s a historical component for what the choir department had to use for their curriculum,” Springfield Schools Superintendent Matt Geha said.

Maulsby told local outlet, The Toledo Blade, that the song was “a little bit too close” to the racial slur that was “being used across the street in a parking lot.”

The full lyrics for the song in question can be seen below.

‘Cotton Needs Pickin’

Cotton Needs Pickin’ so bad…
Cotton Needs Pickin’ so bad…
Cotton Needs Pickin’ Sooooo Bad…
Were going’na pick all over this field…
Planted this Cotton in April, on the Full of the Moon…
We had a Hot Dry Summer and that why it opened so soon..
Ohh.. Cotton Needs Pickin’ So bad…
Cotton Needs Pickin’ So Bad…
Cotton Needs Pickin’ So Bad, were going’na pick
all over this field…

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