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Even the Ocean Wildlife Is Tired of California Liberals, Prove It By Attacking Beachgoers #California #Democrats

Nobody likes California liberals. Even California liberals don’t like themselves, or other liberals in the Soviet State of Mexicommifornia. Now, even the wildlife is showing their disdain for them in record numbers of attacks on the mindless citizens of the Golden State.

According to an AA report released, Jan. 25 by the Shark Research Committee documents nine authenticated unprovoked shark attacks – all thought to be great white — along the Pacific coast of North America last year. Luckily for all who had close encounters with the sharp-toothed apex predator, none proved fatal.

The nine attacks in 2017 — four of them kayakers — tied with 2004 for the most attacks recorded in a single year. The number was up from five attacks in 2016 and six in 2015.

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Eight of the attacks were in California and one was recorded in Washington. There was one in March, one in April, four in July, one in August, and later in the year one in November and another in December, VIA reports The Orange County Register.

Ralph S. Collier, founder of the Shark Research Committee, said he was surprised after he analyzed some of the information.

While the number of attacks is the highest in more than a decade, Collier said he’s actually shocked there weren’t more, given the shark population spike in recent years — there have been increased sightings in areas including El Porto in the South Bay, Long Beach and San Clemente — along with an increase in people flocking to the water.

“More people are in the water today than there were 10 years ago, more people are kayaking, swimming, surfing and diving,” he said. “As those ocean user groups go up, the likelihood these types of events are going to happen … you’re going to get more reports and you’re going to have more incidents of physical contact with sharks. That’s just a matter of numbers.”

Another surprise from the data, Collier said: Kayakers were at the top of the list for user groups attacked, followed by just two surfers.

Historically, when looking at the 103 attacks that have occurred since 2000, the largest group of victims falls into the “surfer” category, with 62 incidents, compared to only 17 kayakers. Eight of the victims were swimmers, six were divers, and another six were paddleboarders. The rest were one each of outrigger, windsurfing, fishing, and boogie boarding.

A record number of beachgoers at Huntington Beach, just south of Los Angeles, were attacked by stingrays —at least 73 people were treated in a single day, reports National Geographic.

Lt. Claude Panis from the beach’s marine safety unit believes even more victims chose to self-treat injuries at home.

Stingrays can cause highly painful injuries, but in most cases, pain is the biggest symptom. In addition to the puncture wound caused by the stinger, the ray’s toxins cause intense pain around the wound. Very rarely, victims can have an allergic reaction to the stinger, and only a handful of people die from them every few years.

To treat wounds, lifeguards soak feet (the most common place to be struck) in hot water, which breaks down enzymes in the toxin.

“I’ve never seen that many in a day,” said Panis, who has worked at the beach for four decades. “I had never seen 45 in a day. To see 73 stingrays was so unusual.”

Altogether, it was a dangerous weekend to be a tourist at the southern California beach. On Wednesday the beach team treated 38 injuries, then 45 on Thursday, and on Saturday another 38.

“We’ve had an increase in the last two years,” says Panis. “The stingrays have exploded on our beach.”

It’s nice to know that even the ocean wildlife sees the need to reduce the liberal population. Here’s to hoping land animals decide the same.


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January 28th, 2018


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