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Obama’s Former Secretary of Indoctrination Calls For Boycott of Schools Until Gun Control Happens #Democrat #2A #MassShooting

Conservative parents should breathe a sigh of relief. Mass shootings should plummet if Democrats follow the bidding of their master’s Secretary of Indoctrination.

Former President Barack Obama’s education secretary said that parents should boycott their children’s schools until the country’s gun laws are changed.

Arne Duncan tweeted Friday that it’s “tragically necessary” to pull kids out of schools in order to keep them safe from potential gun violence.

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His opinion was in response to Education Department former employee Peter Cunningham’s tweet that first suggested the move.

Duncan’s sentiments come just days after a high school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, that left 10 dead and another 10 wounded.


ill Bennett, the education secretary under President Ronald Reagan, said that Duncan is saying schools can’t be kept safe.

“We can keep our schools safe,” he said. “They have metal detectors. There are other things you can do.”

Bennett stressed communication between adults and students as a key factor in preventing tragedies at schools.

“Students need to know … if you see something, say something,” he said. “These kids tend to know where the problems are.”

He added that keeping children out of school is not a good solution.

“Laying down your brains because of this doesn’t make any sense.”

What would anyone expect anything different? Democrats are infamous for their illogical and emotional outbursts for no good reason. The very last thing that Democrats do are engage their brains.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
May 21st, 2018


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