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NYC Commuters Disgusted With Rise of Serial Perverts On Subways #NYC #freakshow

Repeat offenders are driving a steep rise in complaints about men exposing themselves underground.

The NYPD opened a total of 376 cases in 2017, a whopping 27% increase from the 296 recorded the prior year.

The complaints have been rising steadily over the past 10 years, according to police data.

Last year’s total represents a 98% jump from 2012 — and a nearly 120% increase from 2007.

Experts say the spike is likely fueled in part by a glut of serial public masturbators who have received little to no treatment.

“The urge to act out sexually is so strong that it almost becomes compulsive,” said William Ford, co-founder of Mustard Seed, a community-based organization that treats deviant sexual behavior.

“These guys are repeat offenders and they have hundreds of victims.”

NYPD officials insist that there is no sudden influx of depraved men prowling the subways.

Instead, the police attribute the spike to other factors — a stepped-up campaign with the MTA urging the public to report subway sex crimes and the proliferation of smartphones making it easier to catch creeps in the act.

Ford and other experts agree that these circumstances likely add to the surge in cases.

While the numbers may not tell the whole story, what’s clear is that the city is infected by a swath of men who can’t seem to stop pleasuring themselves in front of horrified women.

One such serial exposer, Reggie Frank, has been busted at least seven times for public lewdness in the subways, including twice last month.

The NYPD keeps a list of individuals who have been busted more than once for exposing themselves underground. And plainclothes officers rove the subway system in the hope of catching men in the act.

But these suspects pose a thorny problem for the criminal justice system, experts say.

The crimes typically fall under the charge of public lewdness, a class B misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of up to three months imprisonment or one year probation.

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The maximum penalty is tougher — one year behind bars — for suspects charged with the crime after receiving a conviction that same year.

A spokesman for the city Health and Hospitals — which oversees medical care for inmates — said it delivers “appropriate treatment” for prisoners with issues that include impulse control.

But men like Frank who have spent numerous stints behind bars illustrate the criminal justice system’s inability to rehabilitate this deviant population.

And yet once again, we’re given a glaring example of how Democratic policies simply do not work.

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March 4th, 2018


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