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Nikki Haley To United Nations: You Don’t Order America To Do ANYTHING #o4aNews #UnitedNations #Trump

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November 2nd, 2017

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, issued a defiant speech to the UN, blasting their plans to adopt a resolution demanding the United States end its embargo on Communist-ruled Cuba.

Haley described the long-standing debate “political theater.”

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“Let’s be honest about what we really see going on here,” Haley said. “This assembly does not have the power to end the U.S. embargo. It is based in U.S. law, which only the United States Congress can change.”

The United States voted against the U.N. resolution condemning the American trade embargo against Cuba after abstaining last year, during the administration of Barack Obama, for the first time in 25 years.

The no-vote was a sure sign of the renewed chilly relations between the U.S. and Cuba, since bizarre sonic attacks began against American diplomats in Cuba.

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump’s administration kicked nearly two-thirds of Cuba’s embassy personnel out of the United States after pulling many U.S. diplomats from the American embassy in Havana out of concern for their health and safety.

The State Dept has not explicitly blamed the Cuban government of being behind the attacks, it is generally presumed that there is no way that the government in Havana is not at least complicit. In any event, U.S. officials say Havana is responsible for the safety of foreign diplomats on its soil under the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations.

McClatchy DC reports Haley said the United States is opposing the resolution in solidarity with the Cuban people “and in the hope that they will one day be free to choose their own destiny.”

“Each year, this Assembly’s time is wasted considering this resolution,” Haley told the assembly. “And the United States is subjected to all manner of ridiculous claims – anything to deflect attention from the regime that is actually responsible for the suffering of the Cuban people.”

Cuban officials called Haley’s remarks “disrespectful” and charged that she didn’t have the moral authority to criticize the island nation.

She also said she wanted to clear up any questions about why the United States would change its vote on the same resolution just a year later. She acknowledged some will not understand how the United States “could passively accept this resolution last year and energetically oppose it this year.”

“To those who are confused as to where the United States stands, let me be clear: as is their right under our Constitution, the American people have spoken,” Haley said. “They have chosen a new president, and he has chosen a new ambassador to the United Nations.”

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