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New York Democrats Move To Outlaw Gun & Archery Clubs in Schools #education #NewYork #2A #guns

A New York Democrat wants to ban all high school shooting programs in the state — including air rifle teams and archery clubs.

Archery – as in bows and arrows, America.

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“Schools should not be supporting the spread of gun culture in society,” State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal told Associated Press. “If parents want their children to have shooting instruction, there are opportunities that have nothing to do with the school.”

Ms. Rosenthal is spearheading legislation that would outlaw archery teams as well as rifle teams.

She said young people “should have limited exposure to guns because they’re not a normal, everyday piece of equipment.”

Her proposed legislation has caused a firestorm of controversy across New York.

“It was shocking to me,” Jillian Zakrzeski told Associated Press. “Nothing bad has ever happened in marksmanship programs.”

The reality is that are about 5,000 shooting and archery clubs for high school and college students — and to the best of our knowledge there is no evidence linking gun violence to air rifle teams or archery teams.

This is just another unfounded attack by Democrats against young people who want to be law-abiding gun owners.


Oliver North – the incoming president of the National Rifle Association – was on my nationally syndicated talk radio show the other day. He said the far-Left has declared war on the Second Amendment — and they are waging what he referred to as “civil terrorism.”

“What we’re facing is a frontal assault that uses every lever of power against the NRA. They’re using legal attacks. They’re using cyberattacks,” North said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “They’re using intimidation and threats and harassment. It’s pretty clear to me this is a psychological warfare operation that’s being waged.”

Clearly — this attack on the Second Amendment is a major misfire.

If Ms. Rosenthal is really concerned about the country’s “gun culture,” why doesn’t she introduce legislation to ban rap music and video games and Quentin Tarantino movies?


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May 14th, 2018


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