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New Jersey Democrat Governor Helps Illegal Aliens Go To College On Your Dime #NewJersey #immigration #DeportThemAll

Democrat-Communist New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation last week making New Jersey one of the latest states to help cover the costs of college tuition for illegal alien invaders.

Five years ago, the state legislature passed a bill allowing illegal alien invader students to pay in-state tuition; but former Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, vetoed the part of the bill that would have allowed illegal alien invaders to receive state financial aid.

Now, Gov. Murphy has asserted that being a legal citizen is not paramount to tapping into the state’s taxpayer-funded education coffers. Instead, it’s all about his brand of immorality.

“Tuition equity and equal access to financial aid are moral standards that we as public officials must uphold for all New Jersey students, whether they were born here or not,” Murphy states on New Jersey’s official website.

“These young people came to this country as children,” the governor continues, “were educated in our schools, and are just as American as anyone else.” Except that they’re not legal Americans.

State officials think the program will cost at least $4.5 million in its first year, but readily admit they aren’t even sure how many illegal alien invaders are actually in the state, reported Campus Reform. The new law is therefore listed as an “indeterminate expenditure increase.”


This law was signed even as New Jersey faces an unstable financial future with unfunded pensions, and more.

“New Jersey’s public pension system is actually underfunded by $168 billion,” noted last year, in part. “And that does not include an additional $85 billion shortfall for the medical benefits of retirees. The bottom line is a state retirement system that faces a future debt of $253 billion.”

With this mountain of debt, the governor seriously thinks the Garden State can withstand the financial strain of offering financial aid to illegals?

Under the new law, illegal alien invader students will be eligible for any student financial aid program that is administered by New Jersey’s Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) or the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE), Tap Into Newark reported, provided they meet a set of specific requirements.


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May 15th, 2018


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