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As the National Anthem Protests Drag On, NFL Stadiums Becoming Ghost Towns #o4a #NFLBoycott #WeBoycottNFL

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October 30th, 2017

Another week in the NFL, and more seats sit empty than the week before. Are you surprised?

With the recent inclusion of infamous race-baiter “Reverend” Jesse Jackson joining the player’s cause, you can almost guarantee even more seats will be empty in the coming weeks.

You won’t have to worry about losing your car in the parking lot at this Cincinnati game:

Despite hosting hated rival Carolina Panthers, the Tampa fans weren’t enthused enough to show up:

With the Jets somehow pulling off a decent season with a subpar roster, you’d thing the fans would be packing the stadium. In other years, minus protesting ingrates, they would have.

With stadiums practically becoming ghost towns, tv ratings falling through the floor, there’s little sign that the NFL is listening to its fans.

So, not wanting to be disrespected by race-baiting, national anthem protesters, former fans are finding better things to do.

When will the NFL learn that the customer is always right?

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