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WATCH – Nancy Pelosi Believes ‘Mowing Grass’ Will Curb Illegal Border Crossings ~VIDEO~ #immigration #Pelosi #landscaping

Highlighting how out of touch with reality she truly is, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi offered a unique policy proposal to help secure the United States’ southern border with Mexico Wednesday, telling a local reporter the US should simply “mow grass” in the region so illegal aliens will be easier to spot.


The House Minority Leader was speaking with the Arizona Republic when she made the bizarre suggestion, blasting the President’s proposed border wall and outlining possible “alternatives” to help stem the flow of illegal aliens into the United States.

“Do you think you can get House Democrats to support something that would result in the construction of something that isn’t already standing at this point, if it brought some assurance for the Dreamers?”

“Let’s sit down and talk this through and see what makes sense, not some commitment to a promise that we’re going to build a wall and Mexico’s going to pay for it […] Let’s talk about where fencing will do, where mowing grass so people can’t be smuggled through the grass,” said Pelosi.

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Watch Nancy’s nonsensical suggestion below.

One has to wonder, is it time to give Congress members a yearly mental evaluation to determine if they are fit for office? It seems almost daily, Nancy shows the world once again, she is off her rocker.

Many instances in recent history have shown how much of a national embarrassment Nancy Pelosi has become.

Like the time she said giving Americans a tax cut was “unpatriotic”, or when she became completely unglued over the memo release, and we can’t forget where she believes America is obligated to take care of illegal aliens, and so much more…


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February 26th, 2018


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