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Muslim Men Charged With Rape & Abuse of Girls #Islam #Muslim #MeToo #o4a

A Muslim barbarian from Bangladesh was tried by a French court and was acquitted of the rape of a high school girl. The verdict was handed down yesterday.

The Muslim also sexually assaulted another young girl. He was charged with both cases but acquitted of the rape.

According to the defense the barbarian has ‘different cultural norms’ or ‘cultural codes’ and could have misinterpreted the contact with the girl.

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Experts who investigated the rapist, described him as narcissistic and self-centered and that in the male culture of Bangladesh, his country of origin, “women are relegated to the status of sexual object”. Bangladesh’s population is 90% Muslim.

Both incidents happened near the end of 2015. The accused, aged 18 at the time of rape, went for a walk with a 16-year-old girl who attended the same high school.

He suggested they go his house in Saint-Lô. There, he kissed her, touched her and groped her genitals.

The girl managed to leave the room. She then reported the incident to the Principal of her school who informed police.

In custody, the refugee says that the girl was consenting and the police closed the case. After which the young girl attempts suicide in late 2015 was hospitalised for a week.

Four months later the refugee was arrested again and the final verdict was handed down yesterday.

The refugee is acquitted of the rape but sentenced to two years in prison as a suspended sentence for the sexual assault of the first victim.

He will be registered in the sex offender file, according to the court’s decision.

In other news of Islamic barbarism, a Muslim, father forced his daughter to clean the household toilet with her tongue.

Such clear words of a judge are rare: “Be ashamed!” And: “This is despicable.” The Munich magistrate Robert Grain railed at the barbaric acts of the immigrant.

At the end of December 2017, businessman Said Mohamed A. (66) learned that his daughter (then 16) had an Afghan friend. He turned around, said to have detained the girl for three days – without food, without drinking.

He kicked her face barefoot, threatened with a forced marriage in Syria.

Her brother Mohamed (23) and mother Rana K. (50) are said to have guarded the girl. Only when the father wanted to force his daughter to lick the toilet clean, the mother intervened.

The student made it two weeks after the mistreatment to confide in a teacher, came into the care of the Youth Welfare Office. But before school she was abducted by the family, released one day later by the police.


Father, mother and brother were now sitting in the dock for abusive protection, dangerous assault and deprivation of liberty.

“Your daughter has behaved in a completely normal way,” says Judge Robert Grain, who has been dealing with child sexual offenses since 2005.

He explains, “She fell in love. Everyone in our culture can fall in love. Her daughter was punished for it, got nothing to eat for three days, nothing to drink, was beaten, humiliated. ”

Then he becomes even clearer!

“They have been living in this country for six years. You can not speak German, just sitting at home, not participating in life. In your culture, the woman has a lower status than the man. That’s stupid. ”

And further: “I have not experienced that in 15 years. For three days she is exposed to blatant psycho-psycho, humiliated, dishonored. I reject this aspect of your culture. You treated your daughter like a dog. Shame yourself! Just because she fell in love. That’s despicable. ”

The girl did not have to testify, wrote to the judge asking not to imprison her father.

▶ ︎ Verdict: two years for the father, one year for the son – each on probation. The mother was warned. Grain condemned them to a German course and imposed a contact ban.

Peter Pospisil and Benedikt Stehle, the defenders of the mother and son, hope “that the family can be reunited”. Judge Grain also said, “I hope she comes back. But not as a dog, but as an equal person! ”

The pupil is in the care of the youth welfare office at a secret place.


F. Schneider, Overpasses News Desk
November 23rd, 2018


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