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Muslim Cleric Arrested After Brutally Beating Children With a Hose *VIDEO* #Islam #Muslim #children

Taking prompt action regarding an incident where a Muslim cleric in Hyderabad was captured on video beating his students mercilessly, Sindh police on Friday arrested the religious scholar identified as Shabir Ahmed.

“Shabir Ahmed s/o Ghulam Hussain by caste Ansari r/o Sarfaraz colony. Ghulam Hussain is pesh Imam in Sarhandi masjid and Shabir is Hafiz e Quran and teaches Quran pak in Sarhandi Masjid Arrested by SHO Cantt. Hyderabad,” confirmed the provincial police’ official Twitter handle.

Ahmed is detained by police officials on the grounds of physical violence against his students to which he imparts religious education.

In the circulating video associated with the incident, he is seen beating underage children with a hose.

When advised not to adopt such a rash behavior with the kids, Ahmed averts the scene to later continue thrashing the kids barbarically.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has also taken notice of the matter, directing Commissioner-Hyderabad to submit a report.

In order to address issues of violence against children, CM Murad has urged the Education Department to initiate a counselling programme in collaboration with the Council of Islamic Ideology.

“Violence against children is unacceptable at all costs,” he said.

Recently, a Muslim suicide bomber targeted a gathering of Muslim religious scholars in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, killing at least 43 people, officials have said.

Public Health Ministry spokesman Wahid Majroh said another 83 people were wounded in the Kabul attack, which took place as Muslims around the world marked the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed.

He added that more than 20 people are in a critical condition and that the toll could rise.

The suicide bomber was able to sneak into a wedding hall in Kabul where hundreds of religious scholars and clerics had gathered to mark the occasion, Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said.

No one immediately claimed the attack, but both the Taliban and a local Islamic State affiliate have targeted religious scholars aligned with the government in the past.

“The victims of the attack unfortunately are all religious scholars who gathered to commemorate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad,” said Basir Mujahid, spokesman for the Kabul police chief.

He said police had not been asked to provide security for the event, and that the bomber had easily slipped into the hall. Most wedding halls have private security.

Mohammad Muzamil, a waiter at the wedding hall, said he had gone into the back to fetch water for the guests when he heard the explosion.

“Everything was covered with smoke and dust,” he said. “There were dead bodies all around on the chairs, in large numbers.”

Police sealed off roads leading to the scene of the attack and ambulances could still be seen going in. Hundreds of family members and relatives gathered at local hospitals, looking at lists of those killed and wounded that were posted outside.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
December 14th, 2018


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