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“I Just Heard a Rumor – That Mueller Is Preparing” To Exonerate President Trump ~ Rush Limbaugh #Trump #RushLimbaugh #news

“I Just Heard a Rumor – That Mueller Is Preparing” To Exonerate President Trump ~ Rush Limbaugh

Everyone who is paying any attention knows the Mueller investigation into Trump-Russia collusion has gone everywhere but there.

Even though every intelligence agency had cleared then-candidate Donald Trump of any collusion, political pressure by the Democrats brought the Mueller witch hunt to the headlines.

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To date, there is not a single shred of evidence to indicate any remote level of collusion with Russia to alter the election.

Critics of the inquiry say Hillary Clinton with Saudia Arabia’s donations certainly could use a looking at, along with likely money laundering through the Clinton Foundation while Haiti was pillaged by her brother and other associates after a massive earthquake.

On his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh told his listeners he received an email with a “rumor” saying President Donald Trump was forecasting a letter from special counsel Robert Mueller exonerating him of wrongdoing, reports Breitbart.

Mueller has been investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Rush elaborated on the email, saying:

“I’ll tell you – I just heard a rumor,” Limbaugh said. “I just got an email with a rumor in it. The rumor is that Trump is telling people that Mueller is preparing a letter that exonerates Trump of any wrongdoing in all of this.

It’s a rumor. I do not know if it’s true. I don’t know if Trump knows this. I don’t know if somebody told Trump this. I don’t know if it’s bogus.

But the email that I got suggests Trump is telling people that he thinks – he’s pretty sure Mueller is going to write a letter pretty soon to assure the American people that their president is not guilty of anything that he’s looking into – that the country needs to know their president isn’t guilty.”

Limbaugh went on to add that it might not necessarily be in his best interest to fire Mueller given what opinion polling shows about his probe.

“Whether that’s true – but even if it’s not true, let’s deal with that because the odds of this – who knows?” he continued. “If Trump believes the public opinion polls, and Mueller is not doing well with the public opinion polls. This investigation is not polling well – if Trump believes whatever this investigation produces –that 45, 48 percent of the American people are not going to believe it, why tamper with that?”

While speaking with a caller, Rush responded to a question about a possible investigation into Hillary Clinton:

RUSH: Look, let me focus more on the second part about open an investigation into Hillary. There are a lot of people who think that Mueller’s gonna do that himself, that Mueller is doing it, that you cannot miss Hillary.

If you’re investigating collusion with the Russians and if you’re doing it honestly, you can’t miss the Clinton campaign’s involvement with the Russians! They wrote the Trump dossier. How can you miss it?

Here’s the thing. We don’t need an investigation to indict, charge, and convict Hillary Clinton. Comey already exonerated her. If there was a desire to get Hillary Clinton, we have enough. We don’t need a new investigation. We don’t need to try to uncover any more evidence. We’ve got everything we know, including it’s enough to know that the FBI went out of its way to exonerate her. And the same people are in charge, for all intents and purposes.

It appears things may be just getting interesting in Washington DC.

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December 18th, 2017

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