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MSNBC Star Joy Reid Exposed As Petty, Homophobic Bigot #MSNBC #AMJoy

In a 2007 blog post, MSNBC host Joy Reid attacked TV host Rosie O’Donnell using misogynistic and fat-shaming language and defended future president Donald Trump.

After Reid “apologized” for old homophobic blog posts in December 2017, her blog “The Reid Report” was effectively taken off of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine thanks to an exclusion request added by the website’s operators. But a mirror of the Wayback Machine operated by the Library of Congress remains unaffected, and several of Reid’s posts are still visible on that site, reports the Washington Examiner.

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In a January 9th blog post, Reid weighed in on the celebrity feud between “The View” host O’Donnell and Trump. Earlier in the feud, Trump had called O’Donnell “a real loser,” a “slob” with a “fat, ugly face,” and “fat little Rosie.”

Nonetheless, the liberal pundit was on Team Donald.

“How much longer until that chubbed-out shrew Rosie O’Donnell gets her fat ass canned by Babwa?” Reid asked, in an imitation of “The View” co-host Barbara Walters’ first name.

“How much longer will the freak show that is ‘The View’ continue to darken our television screens?” she continued. “How much more kick-ass funny can Donald Trump be???”


Just recently, the LGBTQ advocacy group PFLAG National rescinded Joy Ann Reid’s allyship award after an explosive report by Mediaite on newly unearthed homophobic posts from the MSNBC pundit’s old blog.

Then there was the time Ms Reid hoped President Trump would be shot resisting arrest.

In reality, Joy Reid is simply a reflection of Democrat values. Racism, sexism, hatred, bigotry and dishonesty are trademarks of Democrats, and even the crew of Morning Joe showed their blatant sexism when they said that women working for Trump “are worth nothing”.

It goes on and on, and it’s just proof that Democrats have mastered the Nazi propaganda skill of “accusing the other of that which you are guilty.”


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April 26th, 2018


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