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Millennial Snowflakes say Trump Driving Them To Drink Mud-Flavored Narcotic #Trump #Snowflake

Well, it’s better than Tide Pods… If you like drinking sour-tasting mud water.

It’s been a mainstay in the South Pacific for thousands of years. Now stressed-out millennial New Yorkers are kissing goodbye to alcohol and gulping down a mildly narcotic drink to ease the pain of long hours, bottleneck commutes and Donald Trump.

Kava — a root ground to powder, mixed with water and then strained — might taste like muddy water and make fans gag without a fruit juice chaser or blended into a “kavatail,” but it’s the mood enhancer taking the edge off for those struggling to cope with hectic modern life.

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Go figure, the generation that invented “Purple Drank” that dead thug Trayvon Marton burglarized houses to obtain, thinks that there are dozens of genders, and believe that eating Tide Pods and fleeing to safe spaces, came up with drinking something that tastes like mud, is a good thing. Millennials have become a bad joke that will be ridiculed for generations to come.

The effects the Trump-fleeing millennial snowflakes are seeking include a mild numbing of the tongue and lips, relaxation and euphoria — feelings in short supply in congested, rat-race New York, a cacophony of noise, sleep deprivation and yelling.

Then there’s the horrible aftertaste that lasts for hours.

“If any city needs to relax a little bit and calm down, slow down, it’s New York,” says Harding Stowe, the 31-year-old owner of Brooklyn Kava in the rapidly gentrifying, artistic neighborhood of Bushwick tells AFP.

“I really think it’s going to explode and I think it’s starting right now.”

Kava may be steeped in tradition and ceremony on Pacific islands such as Fiji, but in the West, it is seen increasingly as a healthier alternative to booze by millennials who want to go out, but not wake up with a hangover the next day, whenever they’re not eating Tide pods.

“It’s very relaxing. It’s not like alcohol or drugs,” says Brooklyn artist Sabrina Cheng, 26, a recent convert.

“I have a very low tolerance for alcohol anyways. But kava, you can hang here all day, read your book, have the laptop, talk.”

With youngsters and millennials ingesting much less alcohol than their oldsters, marketers leaping at the bandwagon consider a much less booze-soaked long term could be simply across the nook.

“It isn’t as cool anymore to visit bars each and every night time,” explains Stowe. “Other folks need one thing new and they would like one thing wholesome.”

– Trump impact –

The Space of Kava has a string of theme nights to stay folks hooked: open-mic nights that usher in rappers, poets and stand-up comics and whilst most of the people are of their mid-20s, lately folks of their mid-60s have began preventing through.

“I am from a conservative circle of relatives and I am the one liberal, so given the state of the sector, this is like the largest stresser in my lifestyles, I’d say,” says Kellianne Holland, 24, who works for a non-profit when requested what makes her maximum frightened, reports Yoga Beauty Health.


“In recent years, it is simply been wonderful how slammed it will get,” Space of Kava supervisor Ryan Lloyd says, believing issues in point of fact took off about six months in the past.

“There are other aggravating issues that experience came about in The us, with Trump getting elected,” he mentioned. “I feel all the ones issues have contributed.”

Stowe is now busy making plans different places, collaborations and pop-ups — he’s chatting with each a yoga studio and a meditation studio about promoting it there.

So has President Trump helped his industry? “I hate to mention it, however most certainly,” he says.


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February 1st, 2018


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