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As MAGA Kicks In, Melania Grows Increasingly Popular For Baby Name #Trump #Melania #MAGA

It was bound to happen. As America recovers from the debacle of the Obama regime, Trump’s popularity grows.

As his popularity grows, more parents are showing their approval when they have a baby, and according to data released by the Social Security Administration, more and more parents are choosing the name Melania for their baby girls.

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The agency released its list of the most popular baby names of 2017 and surprisingly Melania Trump’s name is on the rise.

Based on the data, Melania skyrocketed over the last year and saw the fifth-largest jump in popularity among girl names.

In 2016, the name ranked at number 1,650 with 131 babies in the US born with the moniker Melania. In 2017, the name jumped to number 930 with 283 babies leaving the hospital with Melania as their new name.

While the name saw a huge increase in popularity it’s still far from landing in the top 10 most popular girl names for babies. According to the list, Emma took the top spot followed by Olivia, Ava and Isabella. The name Sophia rounded out the top five.

As for Donald Trump, the data reveals that the president’s first name is not that popular among parents. The moniker, which means great chief, remained at number 488.

Other Trump names are also gaining in popularity. In 2017, 164 babies were born with the name of Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka. In 2016 that number was 112 and in 2015 it was only 37.


Did you expect anything different, really? Let’s face it, the Trump’s are a blast of fresh are compared to the hate-filled, divisive Obama family.

While President Trump erases Obama’s legacy, his own is being cemented into American society.


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May 15th, 2018


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