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Media FURIOUS Trump Didn’t Waste Taxpayer Dollars On Lavish Parties in 2017 #Trump #MAGA

You know the media is scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to say against President Trump, when they bemoan the fact he hasn’t wasted your money on posh & pompous state dinners. It’s equally telling when they praise Obama for doing the same thing.

Yet that’s exactly what they have done.

AP News whined:

President Donald Trump couldn’t stop talking about the red carpets, military parades and fancy dinners that were lavished upon him during state visits on his recent tour of Asia. At one point on the trip, he declared the pageantry “magnificent.”

But Trump has yet to reciprocate. He’s the first president in nearly a century to close his first year in office without welcoming a visiting counterpart to the U.S. with similar trappings.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders says there’s no “singular reason” why Trump didn’t extend a state visit invitation in his first year. But she says the administration hopes to schedule a visit early in 2018.

State visits are an important diplomatic tool that includes a showy arrival ceremony and fancy dinner at the White House.

The limeys at the UK Independent moaned:

While Mr Trump has also met with many world leaders at the White House, sometimes over lunch, they do not compare to a state dinner.

Of course, the fake news leader, Washington Post had to throw their useless 2 pesos in:

Not since Calvin Coolidge in the 1920s has a president ended his first year in office without hosting a foreign leader for a state visit, according to the White House Historical Association.

Coolidge assumed office in 1923 after the sudden death of President Warren G. Harding, and was elected to a full term in 1924. Coolidge didn’t hold a state dinner until October 1926 for Queen Marie of Romania, according to the White House association.

Every president since Coolidge has hosted at least one state visit their first year.

The snowflakes at Newsweek melted over the “tragedy”:

first lady Melania Trump may also be to blame for not throwing a state dinner. While her husband talks political affairs, Melania Trump is known to stay away from the spotlight. During their visit to China, President Trump handled all the major political affairs while the first lady met with children. She also didn’t move into the White House until June, months after her husband did in January. First ladies typically host and plan state dinners.

“Melania has been the prominent parent to her son, Barron, and seems most comfortable talking with children…meeting with kids at hospitals and schools has certainly become a staple of her trips. She is content having a minimal role and being by the president’s side when necessary,” Jean Wahl Harris, a professor at the University of Scranton and a first lady historian.

The folks at Opposing Views bemoaned the lack of the lavish parties as well:

Now it appears Trump will become the first U.S. president since Calvin Coolidge in the 1920s to end his first year in office without inviting a foreign leader for a state visit.

Coolidge became president in 1923 after President Warren G. Harding suddenly passed away. He was then elected to a full term in 1924, and didn’t host a state dinner until October of 1926. His honorary guest was Queen Marie of Romania, according to the White House association.

Since then, every U.S. president has hosted at least one state visit during their first year occupying the Oval Office.

It goes on and on. Just do an internet search for “Trump no state dinners”, and you’ll see pages of news stories, most of them insinuating that somehow, President Trump should have blown YOUR MONEY on these lavish & pompous parties for politicians.

Times have changed, and now America has a President who understand priorities. Partying down when there’s work to be done is not a sign of a good president.

Working instead of partying? Now THAT is responsible governing.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
December 26th, 2017

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