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Like Magic, Media Fails To Mention Obama Separated Illegal Alien Families #Democrat #DoubleStandard #IllegalAliens

The Trump administration has an intentional and explicit policy of separating illegal alien invader children from their families if caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border without permission.

Long before that, however, the administration of Barack Obama ramped up a program that did the EXACT SAME THING.

Since 2008, the United States has had a policy known as the Alien Transfer Exit Program (ATEP), or Lateral Repatriation. This program focuses on detaining male illegal alien invaders of Mexican descent.

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Here’s how it works: Once an illegal alien invader is caught attempting to cross the border without documentation, they are detained, flown or bused across the United States and then shown the exit at another segment of the U.S.-Mexico border–thousands of miles from their original point of entry.

The Los Angeles Times described a typical use of Lateral Repatriation in a story about Luis Montes. The Times noted:

Montes was put on a plane, flown halfway across the country and bused to the California-Mexico border. At 2 a.m. Tuesday, U.S. border authorities took off his handcuffs and escorted him to a gate leading to the desert city of Mexicali. Montes was back in Mexico, but about 1,200 miles away from where he started.

Luis Montes was sanguine about his dire situation, but the ATEP program often leads to illegal alien invader being placed in completely unfamiliar surroundings where they are then subject to crime and abuse, according to libertarian outlet Reason.

Sparingly used upon inception, the Obama administration drastically increased the use of ATEP in 2011, responding to a perceived increase in attempts to invade the United States by Mexican nationals.


But illegal alien invader rights activists had long cautioned that Lateral Repatriation breaks up families.

The reason is fairly simple: many male Mexican nationals who are detained trying to cross the border often come with their families in tow. When ATEP is used, the men are captured and taken thousands of miles away, while their wives, partners and children are placed in illegal alien invader detention centers.

Multiple stories about those family detention centers written during the Obama era–just not by the mainstream media.

A pro-invasion group, No More Deaths, says the practice of Lateral Repatriation, used by Customs and Border Protection, is largely shrouded in secrecy and operates largely without accountability.

The group notes:

The Government Accountability Office released a report in 2010 criticizing several DHS programs for lack of public accountability. The report mentioned ATEP, in the context of other programs that do not have any measurement mechanisms in place. DHS largely dismissed such concerns, saying of performance measures that it “did not believe such action was appropriate,” according to the GAO.

Because of Homeland Security’s dismissal of the need for accountability, it’s unclear exactly how many children were separated from their families under this Obama-era policy.


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June 18th, 2018


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