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Mecca’s Grand Mosque Plagued by Swarm of Locusts *VIDEO* #Islam #Muslim #Mecca

In what could be a sign from God for Muslims to turn away from Satan (also known as Allah), a massive swarm of locusts plagued Mecca, Saudi Arabia, earlier this week, prompting authorities at Islam’s most evil site to launch a cleaning operation to remove them.

Shocking footage posted on social media showed how the locust swarms covered the Great Mosque in Saudi Arabia. The Makkah Municipality confirmed the phenomenon which residents claim has never been seen before.

“Specialized teams have been directed to work in the fight to eliminate these insects,” authorities guarding the most evil place on Earth, Mecca said, according to the Al-Araby Al-Jadeed news site.

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“We have harnessed all efforts available to speed up the eradication of the insects in the interest of the safety and comfort of guests of Allah’s house,” the authorities said.

Officials identified the locusts as migratory “black grasshoppers” and said that 22 teams consisting of 138 people were dispatched to deal with the infestation.

The insects swarmed around cleaners who had been drafted in to eradicate stomach-churning volume of acrididae.

Locusts are biologically the same as grasshoppers and are usually solitary insects but occasionally swarm together under certain circumstances, such as when migrating.

Locusts are mentioned 36 times in the Bible, compared to just twice in the Quran.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
January 22nd, 2019


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