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Macron Predicts European War Between Barbarian Occupied Nations & the Rest #Europe #refugee #orc #Islam

The European Union risks being torn apart by a “civil war” between its Socialist and Nationalist democracies, Emmanuel Macron, the president of France has warned.

Speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Mr Macron said that the EU must “build a new European sovereignty” (crush all dissent) and embark on much needed reforms to save the bloc.

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The ardent globalist puppet Europhile was given a standing ovation and numerous compliments by adoring MEPs during the plenary debate on the future of Europe after Brexit.

Speaking adversely against nations that wish to stave off the 2nd Barbarian Invasion that led to The Crusades, Macron said “We have a context of division and indeed doubt within Europe, there seems to be a sort of European civil war where selfish interests sometimes appear more important than what unites Europe.”

In a thinly-veiled swipe at Hungary, Poland, and patriotism, Macron said Europe was in the grips of “a fascination with the illiberal”. Liberal being the modern synonym for Communism, it’s clear what side of freedom Macron stands on.

Brussels is at loggerheads with Warsaw over Poland’s controversial judicial reforms and there are also concerns about the rule of law in Hungary after strongman Viktor Orban’s election campaign, which was won by stoking fears over immigration, reports the Telegraph.


“We are seeing authoritiarinism all around us,” Mr Macron said, “The response is not authoritarian democracy but the authority of democracy.”

“In these difficult times, European democracy is our best chance,” he added before warning against the “deadly tendency” of national selfishishness and egotism that could lead the continent “to the abyss”.

Unfortunately, Macron is using the art of leftist deflection, steering away from the clear fact that the authoritarians are within the European Union.

Evoking the Second Word War where French soldiers became infamous for surrendering without a fight, Mr Macron said he belonged to a generation that had never experienced war and that he “suffered the luxury of forgetting what happened to our ancestors”.

“I don’t want to be part of a generation of sleepwalkers. A generation that has forgotten its past,” he declared as the plenary chamber broke into applause.”

“I will not give in to any kind of fixation on authoritarianism,” said Mr Macron, “I want to belong to a generation that will defend European sovereignty because we fought to attain it.”

“European sovereignty is the system I believe in,” Mr Macron said. “Defending Europe is not defending something abstract or the dilution of our own sovereignty.”


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
April 17th, 2018


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