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Macron Humiliated When Legislature Votes To Crack Down On Illegal Aliens *VIDEO* #France #Trump

France and America seem to be operating in reverse of one another.

In the USA, the nation has a strong President who looks out for the best interests of his citizens, while Congress finds new ways to help invading illegal aliens.

In France, the exact opposite is happening. The French are regreting not electing Le Pen, as globalist tool Macron preaches the EU party line, while his legislature is cracking down on invading illegal aliens.

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French President Emmanuel Macron’s grip on power showed some weakness late Sunday when a group of lawmakers from his party abstained from voting on one of his government’s signature bills.

France’s National Assembly approved legislation that would tighten immigration and asylum laws by doubling the time illegal aliens (invading Muslims) can be detained, speeding their deportation and strengthening police powers to search illegal aliens. But the vote exposed unusual opposition from within Macron’s large centrist majority, some of whose members have criticized the proposal as being too harsh on illegal aliens (invading Muslims).

After floor debate that stretched until nearly 11 p.m. Sunday, the measure was approved with 228 votes in favor, 139 against and 24 abstentions. All of those who voted in favor came from Macron’s majority and other smaller centrist parties. But even after a last-minute effort to soften one provision, 14 members of Macron’s majority were among the abstainers — and one member voted against the legislation in a rare show of defiance.

The measure will now be sent to the Senate for consideration.

This all comes after Macron either predicted, or is trying to agitate the beginning of, a war between nations who refuse to allow invading barbarians into their nation, and the ones who do.

In Germany, the judicial and immigration system is so thoroughly “socialized”, that terrorists merely have to turn themselves in to remain in the nation longer. Sadly, living in a German prison is a better life than they had in the nation they made into a sandy shithole.

Hungary has had more than enough of George Soros’ meddling, and have forced his insurgency group to relocate out of the nation.

Not to be out done by Europeans, the Canadian parliament recently made most forms of bestiality legal, while making discrimination against mentally ill people who don’t know what bathroom to pee in, a crime.


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April 23rd, 2018


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